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LawToolBox Automates Court Deadlines

LawToolBox is a third party provider of online Court Rule-sets. We were the first online rule-based court deadline calculator in the country and have been offering law firms our patented online rule-based deadline for over 10 years!   Deadlines are what LawToolBox does.

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Colorado Rule Sets

State District Civil– Civil 16
State District Civil– Civil 16.1
State District Civil– CAPP/ Pilot Project Rules
State District Civil– Water
State District Family - Divorce
State District Family -Post Decree
State District Family - Allocation of Parental Rights
State Court of Appeals
State Supreme Court

Other: Federal CO USDC, Federal 10th Circuit, Estate Admin & Lit, Work Comp, Real Estate, Business Formation, Franchise, Trademark

Forms Libraries with Document Assembly

Our Colorado tools have Colorado Forms Libraries with built in document assembly (video)

Some of the recent rule changes in Colorado ...

CO District Civil - Application of Legislative Change to Conform Certain Statutes to Rule of 7 (eff. 7/1/2012) The import of this comment is that: (i) you "roll forward" for positive statutory deadlines and that you "roll backwards" for statutory deadlines calculated by counting back in time when a statutory deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, and (ii) for any statutory deadline conformed to the "rule of 7" the NEW TIME FRAME only applies when BOTH the trigger date and the deadline are AFTER June 30, 2012.

CO District Civil - Rule changes expand service of process and eService (eff. 6/21/12) The Supreme Court has made some rule changes: 1) to broaden the methods described in CRCP 4 for service of process. 2) to make it so if a litigant includes their email on a pleading you consent to service of process by email (much like the rule that has long existed which says that if you include a fax number on a pleading you consent to service by fax). See, CRCP 5(b)(D). 3) to relax and broaden the methods by which litigants or their attorneys can sign electronic pleadings (while the "s/" will continue to work, other methods are now appropriate too). See, CRCP 121 section 1-26(1)(f). 4) to require the plaintiff and parties to maintain their contact information online with the e-system. CRCP 121 section 1-26(1)(f).

Co Court of Appeals - Deadline for NOTICE OF APPEAL increased from 45 to 49 days (eff. 7/1/12) CAR 4(a) provides for the notice of appeal to be filed with the appellate court and a copy to be served upon the trial court. The time for filing the notice of appeal is increased to 49 days As noted in the comment to CRCP 6 & CAR 26 (effective July 1, 2012): "BOTH THE TIME COMPUTATION START DATE AND DEADLINE DATE MUST BE AFTER JUNE 30, 2012. FURTHER, THE TIME COMPUTATION/TIME INTERVAL AMENDMENTS DO NOT APPLY TO MODIFY THE SETTINGS OF ANY DATES OR TIME INTERVALS SET BY AN ORDER OF A COURT ENTERED BEFORE JULY 1, 2012."

Co Divorce - Statutory changes effecting divorce matters (eff. 7/1/12) Senate Bill 175 was recently passed by the Colorado Senate and was signed into law by the Governor on May 24th. The bill makes changes in Colorado statutes that are consistent with the “rule of 7” changes already adopted into the Rules of Civil Procedure. Additoinally, there will be changes to Colorado JDF forms.

CO District Civil - Pilot Project Rules (eff. 1/1/2012) When the AMENDED CO State Ct Pilot Project Rules for Business Transactions (eff. 1/1/2012) went into effect LawToolBox provided an additional online calculator that incorporates both the Pilot Project Rules as well as the proposed Time Calculation Changes to the Colorado Rules.

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