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Quick Tips:

* Global Admin Grant Permissions – Signing On the First Time.  For users to be able to use this add-in create and manage groups, a Global Administrator must be the first user to authenticate the add-in using the add-ins Single-Sign-On feature, and then that Global Administrator user must grant the requisite permissions for other users in the organizations Office tenancy to use the add-in to create and manage groups and other rights.  Once the Global Administrator has granted these rights, any other user in the firm (including non-admin users) will be able to authenticate to and use this add-in to create and manage groups.

* Certain Features of this Add-in have a Dependency on the Version of Office that the User Purchases.  In order to use the add-in to create or manage group calendars, files, notebooks or conversations (either in OWA, on premise, or mobile) your Office plan must include these products or features.  For example, you can’t access Outlook calendars or groups on mobile devices if your Office plan doesn’t support mobile access.

* Safari Browser. LawToolBox365 requires that the preference in Safari Browser be set to “Always Allow” for cookies and website data (in the browser select Privacy > “Always allow” for Cookies and website date).

* Global Admin can Revoke User Permissions to Create and Manage Groups.   Preferably before revoking the permissions have every user logout from their LawToolBox365 add-in by following the instructions under the “Settings” tab.  Then (1) In a new browser window go to portal.azure.com and login with the Global Administrator credentials, (2) on left-hand menu navigate to and click on “Azure Active Directory”, (3) navigate to and click on “Enterprise Solutions”, (4) load “All Applications”, (5) locate the “LawToolBox” application and delete it.