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A New Tool for Colorado Litigators

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subject:  Free Deadline Charts for My Cases     

LawToolBox addresses almost half of the causes of malpractice claims against litigation attorneys, including failure to calendar, failure to file, planning or procedure error, failure to know the deadline, procrastination. 

Any CBA Member using LawToolBox that [places their lawyer professional liability insurance via Marsh Affinity Group Services (the CBA's endorsed legal malpractice insurance broker) will receive the computerized docketing system credit.

Because most attorneys pass the per-case fee through to their clients, attorneys who qualify for this credit essentially get paid to use LawToolBox.  

LawToolBox clients’ estimate that our product saves them at least 11 hours of non-billable time per case.  If a firm has a caseload of 100 cases and pays support staff $40 per hour, LawToolBox can result in a net savings of over $39,000 per year even if the per case fee is absorbed by the firm.



To:    Account Managerment Team 

Fax: 720-488-2821                        

Please Call: ___________________ from my office to schedule a FIFTEEN MINUTE appointment to launch MY FREE TRIAL of LawToolBox for the following cases:
During my appointment I would like to:

p Access the real-time docket to see
upcoming events suich as hearing and trials
(avaliable for state district court only)

p Create a deadline chart for my case(s) so
I can compare your deadlines to mine)

p Learn how to generate weekly deadline
reports and import case deadlines into

p  Time Matters  
   p  Outlook
p  Amicus          
   p  Lotus
p  Groupwise    
   p Palm Pilot

p Dowload a first draft of pleadings from a
comprehensive forms library into word or

p Pass the entire cost of LawToolBox
through to my client and possibly qualify
for a credit on my malpractice premium
Case Number                          County                           Who You Represent
                                      (in state cases only)              (plaintiff, petitioner, etc. )

___________________     _____________________      _______________________

___________________    _____________________      _______________________

___________________    _____________________      _______________________

”I have no business connection with LawToolBox, but I was impressed – it might well be one of the very best new technology ‘products’ for the lawyer (and his/her support staff) in a very long time.” 

Phil Shuey
Attorney and Consultant

CBA Member's Receive 10% Discount for Existing Cases

Approved CBA Member Advantage Provider