Setup and Enable LawToolBox365 Add-In


Step 1:   Create a LawToolBox Account

Don’t have a LawToolBox account for your organization yet? Log into your Office 365 Global Admin account (see Note 2 below) & Start here, then come back to Step 2

Already have an account? Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 2:   Enable the LawToolBox365 Add-in to Outlook

Note (1):  LawToolBox365 uses Office 365 single sign-on (SSO) so you won’t need credentials from us

Note (2):  If first user is not an Office 365 Admin, ask Office 365 Admin to first add the add-in to their Outlook mailbox and sign on. Even though you will be able to see the add-in in your Outlook Ribbon you will not be able to log access the add-in until they do this (see Quick Tips).You are not a “Global Admin” but you are a regular “User” if when you click on the “waffle menu” in your online office (OWA) you don’t see a tile for “Admin”
Click here for instructions on how to assign Office 365 global admin rights to a user.

Option A: For Firms With More Than 1 User

Click here for detailed instructions

Option B: For Firms with 1 User 

Click here for detailed instructions

Option C: Add for Outlook for Mac

Log into your Office 365 account online > mail > settings (gear shift), > manage Add-Ins > enter lawtoolbox365 in search window and click on magnifying glass > add

Tech Notes:

Safari Browser. LawToolBox365 requires you to change the preference in Safari Browser to “Always Allow”.  Choose Privacy > “Always allow” for Cookies and website date.  (see more)

Step 3:  Send a welcome email to each user

Click here for Sample Email