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Sync to Your Calendar

Synchronization of rule-based deadlines from LawToolBox into the calendaring products identified below is available through a 3rd party provider called Integrated Deadlines.

Outlook (5 min video)

Each user can identify unique user preference to define whether deadline and reminders come in as "all day events" or "tasks", as well as how many reminders are created for each deadline.
* ID System Req & Install Guide
* Download ID Software to Sync LawToolBox to Outlook

Time Matters (5 min video)

There is no doubt that Chains are one of the greatest features of Time Matters, but they can be cumbersome when deadlines change. Integrated Deadlines was developed by a LexisNexis Certified Consultant, which means that you can count on the fact that we know exactly what was needed and how to achieve it!
* ID System Req & Install Guide
* Download ID Software to Sync LawToolBox to Time Matters

Amicus via Outlook

Use the Amicus Short File name as the Nickname in LawToolBox and all the deadlines automatically appear in the Amicus File for each matter.

PC Law via Outlook

PC Law clients can see their deadlines in Outlook today, and if they later integrate with Time Matters its just a "flip of a switch" to re-point our synchronization from Outlook to Time Matters!


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Pricing - Sync LawToolBox Deadlines
thru Integrated Deadlines

Synchronization pricing is based on only the users who are synchronizing their calendars by a third party provider.

      1-3 Users $8 per user per month
      4-12 Users $5 per user per month
      13-25 Users $4 per user per month
      26+ Users $3 per user per month

Import into other products
using a file downloaded from LawToolBox

Google calendar
iCal and other Apple products
Lotus Notes

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