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LawToolBox + Actionstep

Attend a Webinar: Thursday July 12, 2018
4:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT

LawToolBox’s court rule and deadline management system combines rules-based calendaring
with case specific deadlines and events, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Key Features:
– Import dates for specific case types in jurisdictions all over the United States
– ‘Trigger dates’ instantly calculate deadlines
– Easily customize the deadline calculators
– Choose required deadlines for each of your matters in Actionstep
– Add additional deadlines to matters at any time

Key Benefits:
– Rule-based calendaring automates your administrative
– tasks, so you can focus on your cases
– Deadlines are automatically synced to your calendar, and dates are updated on a daily basis
– Push notifications help minimize the risk of you missing any important deadlines
– Select which dates to show or hide to help you focus on important tasks
– Combine the power of Actionstep’s legal practice management software with LawToolBox’s court rule and deadline management system and ensure you never miss a deadline