Adding, Updating and Removing LawToolBox Deadlines and Events

Option 1 (recommended): Sync LawToolBox deadlines to user calendars in Clio via Outlook 2003+, Office 365 and Google

Users don’t have to do anything!  In one step you can add, change or remove dozens of deadlines for all the team member calendars involved in that case.  Simply activate your Clio account to two-way sync with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 or Google and when you add, change or remove deadlines  inside LawToolBox then deadlines will automatically update in everyone’s Outlook and Google calendars (as well as their Clio Calendars), sometimes hundreds of deadlines on multiple calendars in a single click.
Also see Adding, Remove, Update deadlines in Outlook, Office 365 and Google and Click HERE for info on creating an Outlook Rule or Google Filter so that deadlines get automatically added to both calendars.

Option 2: Sync LawToolBox deadlines to Clio directly (e.g., NOT via Outlook 2003+, Office 365 and Google)

Users that click on the “Add to Clio” button on the deadlines chart in LawToolBox and subsequently need update deadlines (e.g. newly calculated deadlines for a continued trial) are required to first “select each deadline” in Clio and delete deadlines before clicking “add to calendar” to add “recalculated deadlines”.   See Editing and removing calendar events from Clio