Admin Portal Release Notes

2019 October: known issues – when users removed from firm it can create bounce-backs if flow is managed. Users with UPN different from email need to be configured by LTB support.

2019-10-08: added switches in admin portal to control whether users can access reports to download deadlines, and whether a firm can access (switch not yet built into

2019 June: added switches at firm level to control the display of the document folder, shared inbox, onenote, and sharepoint calendar. User also has ability to turn on switch to set custom target for the document folder link (to set app to open a modern team site instead of the default SharePoint online folder).

2019 June: added switches at user level to control the display of the create matter buttons, add misc appointment button, close matter button, edit deadline button, delete deadline button, save email button, calculate deadline button, and share deadlines externally button.

2019 June: Added feature so admin can turn email reminders on and off for a user.

2019 June: added analytics to firm profile (e.g., total active matters, matters created and closed in last 6 months, matters by rule-set, matters by state, number of matters shared to each user)

2019 June: added ability to download an active matter report, and an active user report.

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