Assign Office 365 global admin rights

  1. Log into the Global Admin Account
  2. Click on the “Waffle” in the top left hand corner
  3. Expand left menu
  4. Expand user menu
  5. Click “Active Users”
  6. Select the user you would like to assign admin rights to
  7. Next to Roles, click “Edit” > Choose “Global Administrator”



Once the user has global admin rights

  1. In a different browser than used above, log into the account you just granted Admin Rights for > click on the settings gear  (top right hand corner)
  2. Click “Manage Integrations” & search for LawToolBox365 > Switch it to ON
  3. Open any email & click on the small red toolbox at the top of the email
  4. Click on Matters
  5. Enter in your Office365 credentials
  6. Click here to create your first matter


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