LawToolBox Court Deadline Management System for Clio

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  • LawToolBox will display a real-time list of Clio matters so all you need to do is select a rule-set once
  • LawToolBox docketing system collects everything on your case including: rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances
  • As you docket deadlines and appearances in LawToolBox, these items update everywhere, including in:

– Docketing Reports on Fridays, by attorney, paralegal, group and/or firm
– Custom Reports – whenever and however you want them
– Deadline Reminders via Email
– Everyone’s calendar even if your firm uses a variety (see list below) **
– Calendar Entries in Outlook & Google display matter name in subject line
– Clio Calendar **

** When LawToolBox syncs to Outlook 2003+, Office 365, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Matter Center, deadlines and appearances are dynamic so if you change a trial date or hearing in LawToolBox, all those deadlines can be updated automatically in everyone’s calendar.  Updating the deadlines in Clio requires a user first “select all” in Clio and delete before clicking “add to calendar” to re-sync all or select deadlines.

See how to Add, Update and Remove LawToolBox Deadlines and Events from Clio, Outlook, Office 365, Google, iCal, etc
  • cloud-based docketing system that automatically calculates rule-based deadlines for state and federal courts
  • emails weekly deadline reports by paralegal, attorney, client, department or firm
  • sends email reminders for each deadline (for Macs and PCs).
  • Works with Office 365, Outlook 2003+, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes, Clio and more!
  • automatically sync every 15 minutes or selectively add dates & appearances to internal/external calendars
  • use our canned deadline management reports or customize for individual firm practice areas
  • tracks history of changes (who edited what deadline and when)
  • hides one or many deadlines that don’t apply in a single click, our set auto-hide defaults to apply to all cases
  • allows users to select the applicable “method of service” so that only relevant deadlines appear
  • marks multiple deadlines as “done” when tasks are completed
  • allows users to easily edit deadlines to reflect orders
  • permits users to overlay rule-based deadlines with their own custom deadline templates
  • create custom deadline templates for your firms internal deadlines and/or transactional practice areas
  • see a list of LawToolBox Key Differentiators
  • Learn more about LawToolBox for Office 365 and Clio

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