LawToolBox Enterprise Platform

LawToolBox has always been able to handle thousands of matters or cases for our clients, but over the past year we have been quietly making changes that have transformed LawToolBox into an enterprise platform. This initiative involved migrating all services to the highly scalable Microsoft Azure server platform, processing all emails sent by LawToolBox through a third-party enterprise email platform, implementing architectural modifications to scale data handling and management, rolling out user time zones across the entire world, and deepening our integrations with Microsoft 365.

1. Highly scalable and secure Microsoft Azure server platform.

While we have had many LOB applications running through Azure for years, we have successfully completed migrating all of our services to Azure earlier this year.  Each service is hosted on an independent resource so that no one LOB can impact the function of any other LOB or database.  Backups, security and redundancy are built in this platform.  Within minutes resources can be added to scale any LOB or database as circumstances require.  LawToolBox Azure servers are located on the Microsoft cloud databank on the US Central time zone.   See, Microsoft Azure Security Overview, and Microsoft Azure Designed for Scaling.

2. Enterprise-level email communication platform.

Customer information and our client’s data needs to be safeguarded. That’s why we invest heavily in integrating with a reputable third-party recommended by Microsoft that implements security features like user permissions and IP access management that protect sensitive information to keep email communication secure.

LawToolBox has three IP addresses that we send emails from, with these servers located in Denver, Colorado.  This approach to sending email reminders provides an enterprise-class email reminder system for our growing government-cloud and legal department customer base. See, Microsoft Documentation on SendGrid, Sendgrid Security statement, and Sendgrid for Enterprise.

3. Law Firms and Legal Departments can manage MILLIONS of matters.

For years LawToolBox clients could manage thousands of cases, but we have completely re-designed the architecture of our system so that end-users can now manage millions of cases or matters.  With the property configuration of search, pagination, and server-side processing end-users have a seamless and easy-to-use enterprise application. 

The only limitation is that a single organization is defaulted to creating 500,000 groups within their Microsoft tenant, but this cap can be expanded by Microsoft for their clients.

4. Users can be set up on LawToolBox in ANY TIME ZONE in the world.

Another massive upgrade that we have rolled out is expanding time zones from the US, Canada, and a few other geographies to every time zone in the world.  Does your co-worker live in Asia?  When you set a time bound appointment in LawToolBox and share it to teammates in other locations the appointment will automatically show up on the right time for them.

5. Conclusion.

When you combine these platform and feature updates with our unique access to amazing partners and the Microsoft MSP network … LawToolBox has evolved from a best-of-breed product for law firms and legal departments into an enterprise class application ready to deliver value anywhere in the world to any size client

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