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LawToolBox for LAW FIRMS

LawToolBox and Law Firms across the US & World have teamed up to provide a suite of leading cloud based productivity solutions for the Modern Law Firm.


LawToolBox is legal calendaring and matter management software that integrates with a number of platforms and have been helping Law Firms manage their cases for over 20 years. Through its integration with Office 365 for Outlook and Teams and SharePoint, it effectively becomes a full matter management suite that creates Microsoft 365 matters with firm-wide and practice-specific reporting and analytics combining matter-level calendaring, document management, search, contacts, chat, virtual meetings with breakout room templates and instant filesharing from Outlook, Teams or SharePoint, wherever users feel most confident getting their work done.

LawToolBox creates Matters in Office 365 & Microsoft Teams Designed for collaboration.

  • Office 365 Matters
  • Automated Deadlines
  • Matter Calendar
  • File Management
  • Matter Contacts
  • Virtual Hearings
  • Templatized Breakout Rooms
  • Reporting
  • Case Analytics
  • Search

How O365 & Microsoft Teams for legal works.

Use LawToolBox to create an Office 365 Matter designed for legal from Microsoft Teams or Outlook. Legal professionals can manage multiple LawToolBox O365 matters within one Microsoft Team or they can create a Team at the outset of the case or as the matter progresses. Office 365 matters and Microsoft Teams are designed for collaboration on legal matters and are configurable to include any or all of the following:

  • Matter calendar for deadlines and events
  • Matter SharePoint Site
  • Matter OneDrive sync
  • Matter OneNote for case notes
  • Matter contacts for Outlook
  • Matter advanced file search

What you can do with Microsoft Teams for Legal. 

Create Office 365 matters using off the shelf or custom rule set, or choose “general matters” for basic calendaring.

Matter calendaring & automated deadlines for litigation, administrative, regulatory matters or use custom deadlines based on other applicable rules. Add, update, or remove case specific deadlines and events.

Update matter calendars in Teams and user calendars in Outlook as deadlines and users change.

Save documents and emails to Office 365 matter (or Team files): save emails from Outlook Inbox to Teams, drag and drop, create file templates.

View, filter, email, and share reports for a matter, user, team or firm wide. Filter by recent matters, user matters, practice group matters, firm matters, matter name, tag, deadline type.

Link Outlook contacts to a matter , to firm contacts, make private and assign tags.

View analytics on average length of matters and motions, insights on co-worker’s case activity, last pleadings modified.

You can search for key words and phrases across Office 365 for files and other artifacts a user has access to.


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