LawToolBox Court Deadline Management System for Clio

This solution allows Clio customers to take advantage of the LawToolBox “full suite” including off-the-shelf and custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trail, build your own deadline templates, sync to multiple calendar types and more!   LawToolBox court deadlines for Office 365, Outlook 2003+, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes has now been integrated with Clio!    Litigators and staff can pull up their Clio matters inside their LawToolBox while they instantly calculate and add their case deadlines to their Clio matters.  >>> Click HERE to see a list of Key Differentiators

Your choice! pay one-time per lawsuit fee or per month. Click HERE for pricing.

Connecting LawToolBox to Clio

(1) Log into your LawToolBox account by clicking HERE
If you need to sign up for a LawToolBox account click HERE

(2) Connect to Clio by Clicking on “App Store”  in top right corner of screen and click "Add Application" under "Available Apps" > “Clio - LawToolBox for Clio”
Connect to Clio LTB

(3) You will now be prompted to sign into your Clio account.  Enter in your credentials and click "Sing In".

(4) You will now be prompted to Connect with Clio > click "Yes, Let's Connect".
connect with clio

(5) Now your accounts are connected.  Click on the blue "Cases" tab, and select one of your cases.

(6) At the top of the deadline chart > Change "Summarized" view to "Add to Calendar" and click Switch
Add to calendar premise

(8) To add deadlines to your Clio Calendar > Click the "Add to Clio" button.
Note: Only future deadlines will be auto-selected to import. You can uncheck any deadlines you do not want to import.

(8) To add deadlines to other Clio calendars, enter your colleagues email addresses so that the deadlines can be instantly added to both their Clio calendar and the calendar their Clio calendar syncs with (e.g., Outlook, Google, iCal or Lotus Notes), choose time zone, click Send.
Learn more about Syncing LawToolBox Deadlines with Clio

Click HERE for info on creating an Outlook Rule or Google Filter so that deadlines get automatically added to both calendars.