LawToolBox365 + Office365
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Leverage a Remote Delivered Live Training Sku for your Clients

Up to 10 Users: $300
Up to 15 Users: $375
Up to 25 Users: $500

Leverage Nulia’s Packaged Fundamentals for LawToolBox to get end users trained and allow you to move on to the next deal. Nulia’s training is delivered remotely in an efficient 1 hour format from professional trainers. It is designed to get users effectively using Office 365 & LawToolBox365.

Attractive reseller programs available.
– No agreements or commitments required for Fast-Start (FastStart is a no commitment, no agreement, fast and easy way to buy training at a discount for your customers)
– Reseller programs available for volume partners
– White-glove and customized options also available

How do I buy?
Easy – click to order and schedule a time for your law firm or legal department customer!


You focus on the next deal while new users get empowered by the experts at Nulia!
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