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Works with Windows and Mac

LawToolbox is a cloud-based app so you can work anywhere from any device.

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The #1 Legal Add-in for Microsoft 365

Transform Microsoft 365 into a deadline and matter management solution

  • Use Microsoft 365 to instantly add deadlines to Outlook, Teams, and case management platforms.
  • Prevent missed deadlines with updates and notifications when court rules change.
  • Automate procedural deadlines as emails arrive so you can focus on winning your cases.
  • Manage matters, calendars, deadlines, files, notes, and more inside Outlook and Teams.

LEgal Deadlines in Microsoft 365

Automatic court deadline calculator and calendaring in M365

LawToolBox provides a centralized deadline management solution in Microsoft 365 that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states.

After calculating deadlines, users can also update internal Outlook calendars or external team member Google, iCal, Lotus Notes calendars, and case management calendars that two-way sync with Outlook.

Connect Your DMS or use LawToolBox DMS

Document management in M365

Connect your DMS to LawToolBox deadlines or use our document management system (DMS) with secure collaboration directly in Outlook.

Leverage award-winning tools entirely inside Microsoft 365 on a secure enterprise-grade platform to store, access, and share documents anywhere.

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LEgal Matter Management

Matter management in Microsoft 365

Manage your matter-based deadlines, email, calendar, docs, and notes easily within Outlook.

When a new matter is set up, LawToolBox will automatically create a shared inbox, a document folder, calendar, and notebook inside Microsoft Office for that matter.

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Smart legal software in Microsoft 365

Instant rules-based deadlines

Instantly calculate & calendar rules-based deadlines in Outlook or any case management platform.

Smart scheduling

Save hours managing deadlines with a centralized deadline management solution that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states.

Matter management

Efficiently manage matter-based deadlines, email, calendar, docs, and notes directly in Outlook.

Document management

Access easier document management and secure collaboration with a lean DMS directly in Outlook.

Virtual meetings

Boost productivity with an "easy button" for virtual court, hearings, and depositions in Microsoft Teams.

Easy automations

Complete daily tasks in seconds with our powerful, intuitive add-in for Outlook.

How automated deadlines can reduce risk and increase productivity in Microsoft 365

“Teams and LawToolBox have given me peace of mind, in terms of both case management and security. I can trust that our deadlines are right and our conversations are secure.“
—Hector Marrache, Attorney, Marrache Law

Microsoft Office 365 for Legal

“This announcement further demonstrates how collaboration can lead to increased levels of efficiency and productivity with the right technology in the workplace. This tool will provide great opportunity for modern lawyers as they look to optimize their businesses in our increasingly digital world.”

Microsoft logo on LawToolBox matter management page.

Cindy Bates
VP of US SMB for Microsoft

“Together, Microsoft Office 365 and LawToolBox enhance collaboration, automate litigation workflow, and increase productivity of legal professionals…We have been impressed by how fast LawToolBox has moved to leverage our new app model for Office and look forward to seeing future integrations with our legal-focused Office 365 initiatives.”

Microsoft logo on LawToolBox matter management page.

Nishan DeSilva
Senior Director, Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs


Microsoft 365 for Attorneys, Paralegals, and Legal Professionals

Are you tired of manually calculating legal deadlines and adding them to calendars one by one? Do you want to be able to easily manage complex legal matters? LawToolBox can help you save time, reduce the risk of malpractice, and increase productivity with automated legal calendaring and matter management in Microsoft 365.

Introduction to LawToolBox

Legal calendaring and matter management can be complicated, time-consuming tasks. Automated legal calendaring streamlines the process and eliminates human error. LawToolBox’s automated calendaring system makes scheduling convenient, accurate, and easy.

LawToolBox is a user-friendly legal add-in for Microsoft 365 that will save you time and reduce the risk of malpractice. With this tool, lawyers can create tasks related to deadlines in their calendars within seconds by entering them into simple drop-down menus. The software calculates deadlines based on your existing cases so no additional data entry is needed.

Types of attorneys that need LawToolBox

The add-in can be used for a wide range of law practices and has the ability to manage complex matters with ease, including litigation support; real estate transactions; bankruptcy proceedings; appeals; commercial transactions; employment law cases; insurance; family law; immigration, etc. For a full list of practice areas, click here. LawToolBox is available on both mobile devices and desktop computers so that it’s always accessible when you need it most.

You can try LawToolBox for free and see how easy legal calendaring with matter management in Microsoft 365 can be with the best third-party add-in on the market today!

How LawToolBox can help lawyers save time, work more efficiently, and be more productive in Microsoft 365

Lawyers and paralegals can save time, work more efficiently, and be more productive with the LawToolBox add-in for Microsoft 365. The LawToolBox legal automation software integrates seamlessly into Outlook to provide lawyers with an all-inclusive matter management solution that allows them to focus on their practice instead of administrative tasks. Lawyers can use LawToolBox's automated calendaring and matter management features to schedule appointments in just a few clicks, manage their caseload easily, keep track of billable hours without ever having to enter data by hand again, and let LawToolBox handle routine matters like calculating deadlines or adding them to calendars -- freeing up valuable time for what really matters: practicing law!

Matter Management in Microsoft 365

LawToolBox can also make matter management easier by enabling the creation of new matters in Microsoft 365 based on emails received from outside counsel. This feature eliminates the need to manually create a Matter within LawToolBox after receiving an email notification about a case. With LawToolBox, you can also automatically convert new incoming emails to matters and attach them for future reference. These tools help make your law practice more efficient and streamlined while saving valuable time.

Benefits of using LawToolBox in Microsoft 365

It's easy to automate your court calendaring process. Keep track of deadlines without the hassle and receive reminders for all your deadlines. You'll be more productive with automated deadline calendaring and save hours every week managing and calculating deadlines. Moreover, you can save time and money on attorney fees, get notified when a deadline is coming up so you can prepare for it in advance, and stay organized with a shared calendar. With LawToolBox, you know when to start preparing for court dates, so there are no surprises. And you can rest easy with peace of mind knowing your deadlines are accurate and that you'll never miss a deadline again.


LawToolBox offers simple pricing plans for any size law firm or legal department. For more information about pricing or to receive a custom quote, click here.

Additional details

LawToolBox integrates with leading case management platforms and document management systems so you can get automated deadline calendaring wherever you spend your day. For more information about our integration partners, visit our partner page.

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