LawToolBox Court Deadlines for
Microsoft® Outlook (2010+)

LawToolBox court deadlines for Outlook 2010+!

  • LawToolBox court rule-based deadlines and appearances automatically appear in Outlook 2010+
  • In additional to synchronizing deadlines to Outlook, users can also select some or all deadlines to be added or updated Outlook, Google, iCal and Lotus Notes for either internal and/or external parties involved in each case.
  • LawToolBox gives Outlook users a robust docketing system: automated rule changes, custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trail, build your own deadline templates and more!
  • LawToolBox docketing system tracks every date going on in cases including: rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances etc.
  • As you docket deadlines and appearances in LawToolBox, these items update everywhere, including in (i) weekly docketing reports (by attorney, paralegal, group and/or firm), (ii) custom reports, (iii) email reminders, and (iv) calendars for users assigned to case.

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Deadlines. Anyway way you want them. Secure.

» Rule changes reflected automatically                                     » Build your own deadline templates
» Customize to rule-sets for your practice                                » Edit deadlines to reflect orders
» Hide one or many deadlines, single click                               » Create custom reports in minutes
» Email reminders with links to authority                                 » View history, who edited what when
» Permission allow view or edit access                                      » Anyone can learn how to use in minutes!


LawToolBox Super-Charges Calendaring and Elevates Accountability and Control of Docketing

LawToolBox amplifies calendars with rules-based docketing, tracking “who made what change and when”, automatically tagging calendar events for contextual filtering, customizing deadline descriptions across an entire ruleset, labelling events as trigger dates, deadlines and/or appointments, empowering users to filter deadline charts by trigger dates and dependent deadlines.  These features create an unparalleled and never-before-seen level of control and accountability in calendar management. 1. Automating Rules Based Deadlines.  The LawToolBox rules-based deadline calculators changed the game by creating a cloud-based system where the end-user enters a trigger like the “Date of Trial” and then LawToolBox instantly calculates dependent deadlines that run off that trigger date.  For example, a legal professional enters a date for “Trial date” in the LawToolBox Los Angeles Superior Court ruleset and the product instantly calculates 70+ deadlines, taking into account applicable court holidays, rolling some deadlines away from trial and others trial depending on the applicable code, and method of service.  The end-user simply selects the trigger and enters a date, and LawToolBox automates incredibly complex calculations in less than a second and displays an easy-to-use deadline chart.  Where appropriate, calendar events have links to applicable authorities. 2. History of Changes.  When a calendar event is entered or edited, LawToolBox makes an unalterable record of tracking “who made what change and when.”  For example, case managers can see who entered or updated events, when a trigger date was first entered, when a date was modified, when location fields were updated, and when a trigger date was changed from an all day event to a time-bound appointment.  This history raises the bar and creates a level of... read more

Do you have a “SECURE” way for clients, parties, witnesses and attorneys to share files with you?

As the practice of law and court hearings has adapted to working remotely in our new reality, the ability to share files securely is critical. If your organization already owns or is migrating to Office 365, LawToolBox has developed a seamless one-click file-sharing mechanism built on top of Microsoft’s security-hardened SharePoint and Teams platform. This simple and easy-to-use file share is part of the LawToolBox virtual meeting module, and enables the secure sharing of a large number of files, as well as large files (including videos): (1) create an office 365 matter using LawToolBox (2) use LawToolBox to create a virtual meeting (3) add the person as an attendee to the meeting (4) click “File Share” next to attendees name The person outside your organization who wants to share files with you will receive an email that will walk them through a process of securely uploading files to a protected folder for that matter in your Microsoft Teams. Once the person sharing files has navigated through the multi-factor authentication, they can upload files to a segregated folder LawToolBox has created just for them: The uses for this tool include: meeting new clients who needs to share confidential documents, Rule 26(f) meetings with opposing counsel, conferring prior to filing a motion, settlement conferences, depositions, and even court hearings. The LawToolBox rules-based deadline system will generate deadlines for these events, then use our virtual meeting module to manage the meeting and file-sharing... read more

Document Management

LawToolBox document management for Outlook and/or Teams is seamlessly integrated with our rules-based deadline solution, and leverages the secure Microsoft 365 and SharePoint platform to deliver an easy-to-use DMS system. Features include: (1) configuring your LawToolBox to automatically create channels when you use LawToolBox to provision a Team for your matter (2) using templates to provision practice specific folders and files for new matters (3) saving emails and documents to Teams and SharePoint (4) accessing matter folders and files from Outlook, Teams, any browser or your phone (5) leveraging SharePoint file version control or checking files in or out (6) using the LawToolBox Virtual Meeting Module to enable clients or witnesses to securely share confidential exhibits and information (7) using robust search features to look across your entire Office 365 tenant for key documents you have been given access to If you want to use a powerful platform like NetDocs to manage documents instead, your LawToolBox firm admin can configure your firm to hide the LawToolBox enabled SharePoint DMS and instead point to the third-party solution.  It’s powerful, robust, easy-to-use, and just plain cool... read more

Sophisticated Legal Deadline Management Tools at a Reasonable Price.

Were you shocked by your new Compulaw bill?  While LawToolBox is offering COVID-19 relief to firms in crisis, we’ve heard from many of our new customers that the prices of our competitors are skyrocketing. LawToolBox has a library of legal deadline rule-sets that automate timelines based on the applicable rules of procedure.  These deadline tools help address the risk of malpractice and can be accessed from our award-winning apps for Office 365, or from inside one of our integration partners solutions.  To calculate deadlines an end-user sets up a matter in LawToolBox and selects an applicable rule-set like “Los Angeles Superior Court”, and then the end-user selects a trigger from a list for that specific rule-set like the “Date Trial Commences.” Then LawToolBox will take the applicable date and run it through its system to generate – for this example – over 60+ deadlines that account for local rules and applicable court holidays. LawToolBox (1) calculates deadlines, (2) creates reminders of each upcoming deadlines, (3) generates reports by case, user, group, or firm, and (4) synchronizes deadlines to the users calendaring software.  2 min video. Our experts review rules of procedure and build the first version of a deadline calculator, the legal content team moves the product to production for use by clients, and then our deadlines become even better because it incorporates the feedback of our client base which includes the best legal minds in the world. We monitor court websites for rule changes and our legal team reviews any alerts every morning to determine if modifications need to be made to any ruleset. This process aggregates the mindshare... read more


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