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LawToolBox helps legal professionals increase productivity with its patented Deadlines and Matter Management solution for Office 365. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with global customers including governments, corporations, and law firms, LawToolBox provides a suite of collaboration tools that empowers organizations to improve workflows and streamline legal operations using Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint.​

What makes LawToolBox365 a Modern Add-in?

  • No software is installed anywhere – it resides inside Office 365
  • Seamlessly works as Office 365 runs updates
  • Seamlessly works with any “Modern” Office 365 add-in
  • Not a COM add-in (or .msi)


What makes LawToolBox365 even better?

  • When Office licenses are purchased and Outlook mailboxes are created, LawToolBox356 is also automatically provisioned
  • Does not require resellers to activate LawToolBox365 for each mailbox because the add-in automatically connects to LawToolBox using single sign-on
  • Law firms and legal departments can also add LawToolBox365 to existing subscriptions
Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Finalist for LawToolBox Deadline Calculator and Court Date Calendaring, on matter management page.

Transform Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint into a collaboration suite for law firms

Manage matter-based deadlines, email, calendar, docs, and notes directly in Outlook.

Get a powerful DMS in Microsoft 365 - access easier document management and secure collaboration directly in Outlook.

By leveraging Microsoft Teams for matter management, LawToolBox will automatically create a specific document folder, calendar, notebook, and shared inbox whenever a new matter is created.

Leverage powerful tools to improve legal workflows

Automated deadline calendaring

Court date calculator in Teams and Outlook with instant calendar sync

Matter management

Client and case management system built on M365

Document management (DMS)

Automatically create a shared inbox, document folder structure, calendar, and notebook for each matter in Microsoft 365

Hybrid courtoom suite

Productivity suite for automating tasks in hybrid courtooms

M365 productivity tools

Shared workspaces to boost collaboration and productivity

Easy automations

Reduce training time with intuitive tools in familiar platform


By enabling the LawToolBox app in Teams, Marrache Law has automated court rules-calendaring and improved collaboration, freeing hours of time to focus on winning cases.

The Second Outlook Add-In in the World to Offer SSO with Open-ID

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“This announcement further demonstrates how collaboration can lead to increased levels of efficiency and productivity with the right technology in the workplace. This tool will provide great opportunity for modern lawyers as they look to optimize their businesses in our increasingly digital world.”

Microsoft logo on LawToolBox matter management page.

Cindy Bates
VP of US SMB for Microsoft

“Together, Microsoft Office 365 and LawToolBox enhance collaboration, automate litigation workflow, and increase productivity of legal professionals…We have been impressed by how fast LawToolBox has moved to leverage our new app model for Office and look forward to seeing future integrations with our legal-focused Office 365 initiatives.”

Microsoft logo on LawToolBox matter management page.

Nishan DeSilva
Senior Director, Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs

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