Enforcing Naming Conventions when Naming Matters to Power Microsoft 365 Data Governance

Microsoft 365 compliance center helps organizations to be organized and secure, and “naming conventions” are a key part of any successful governance strategy. 

If your organization doesn’t enforce “naming conventions” when creating a new LawToolBox matter there won’t be any discernable pattern or method to readily identify the type of data governance policies that should apply months or even years after the matter is no longer active. 

However, if your organization methodically implements naming conventions to quickly identify different types of matters, you can easily manage retention periods to conform with internal policies, and state and federal laws.

1. What is a “Naming Convention” for a Microsoft 365 Group?

A “naming convention” should use information to identify a department, company, office, country, title, or state.  For example, you might preface every matter created for the “Human Resource” department with “HR_” or matters created by the “Information Technology” department with “IT_”.  The best naming conventions make it easy for IT admins to figure out what type of a matter it is without having to look anything up!

2. LawToolBox Automates “Naming Conventions”

LawToolBox automates “naming conventions” and provides an automated governance platform for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups that leverages Microsoft 365 Compliance center.

From the LawToolBox admin portal, admins can configure organizations to create lists of acceptable prefixes and suffixes for matters, users can configure whether these conventions are prepended or post-pended to matter names in M365 groups, M365 email addresses, and LawToolBox matter names:


In a one approach, a firm might set the naming convention to pre-pend “LIT_” to the beginning of the matter’s group name and email, but not the LawToolBox matter name.  This way, matter names simply contains the party names and do not all start with the exact same prefix.

3. End-to-End Control over Data in your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

When you combine LawToolBox “naming conventions” and Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, law firms and legal professionals can manage legal matters in Outlook and collaboration in Microsoft Teams, and the Firm IT admin can keep a close eye on what’s going on inside their own tenant taking into account each team’s level of sensitivity.

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