LawToolBox Deadlines for Outlook Release Notes

2019 OCT

* Releasing first version of Firm and Matter Contacts; includes all fields from Outlook contact plus additional fields for social media links; allows for complete tag management at firm and matter level including ability to edit or delete tags across entire organization; included ability for any user to add notes to firm or matter contact which persist even when user removed from organization; when firm contact removed it persists in matters.

2019 SEPT

*When you open your LawToolBox Add-in in Outlook, you will see a new “pin” in the upper right-hand corner of our add-in. This is a brand-new feature that we are one of the first companies to incorporate that allows users to pin open the LawToolBox add-in then navigate between emails without having to close and re-open the add-in saving you oodles of time!

*admin switches for document folders, shared inbox, OneNote, calendar, and custom path for doc folders to modern team site

*tab > updated waffle menu, added people icon to retrieve relevant users, added firm contacts to create central location for firm contacts, added ability to attach firm contact(s) to any matter, upgraded report filter to be able retrieve large amounts of data over many years

*companion phone and tablet app available at

*pending: incorporate isprivate and canaccessadminportal switches into bot, optimize edit deadline function to speed up processing

2019 MAY

*when users added midstream to an existing matter that already has deadlines, those deadlines will now be added automatically to that users outlook calendar (they no longer have to look for an email from Microsoft alerting them to deadlines in an existing matter and manually accept those deadlines)

*When user tries to access a matter to which they are not a member or owner in Groups – a popup message will alert them that they do not have access and it will give them a link to request access that will auto send an email to existing group members

*when a user tries to set up a matter using a name that already exists for that firm a message will block use of that name

*emergency upgrade when Microsoft changed the logic on how deadlines can be added to group members calendars (Microsoft used to add group as attendee as default now that has to be explicitly added)

2019 MARCH

*when user emails themselves the date range report it now reflects any filters they have applied

*added a function to download a csv version of the date range report so users can open and manipulate in excel

*case sharing report has been added so users can see a comprehensive list of who is on which case

*added function where case sharing report can be filtered, emailed to the viewing user, and downloaded in csv format

*on matter deadline chart allday miscellaneous events have been renamed from “appointment” to “deadline”

*when users are added or removed from a matter an email is auto sent to the LTB firm admin email (but not to the user who was added or removed)

*code added to catch non alpha-numeric values submitted to repeat calculator *implemented dialogue api for authentication to avoid popup windows