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What if my trial gets rescheduled, will all the corresponding deadlines get regenerated and updated on everyone’s calendars?

Answer: When your trial gets rescheduled you have three different options to handle your deadlines.

Scenario 1: Your trial date gets rescheduled, and so do all of your deadlines.  In this case, you will click on the “pencil” icon next to the trial date to edit, change the date, and all corresponding deadlines will move accordingly.

Scenario 2: Your trial date gets rescheduled, but your deadlines do not.  In this case, you will remove the original trial date from your calendar by clicking the red “- calendar” button next to the trial date.  This will remove only the date of trial from everyone’s calendar, but keep all corresponding deadlines in place.  Then, you can click on “Add Appointment” in the case menu to add in the new trial date.

Scenario 3Your trial date gets rescheduled, and only SOME of your deadlines move.  In this case, before updating your trial date, first edit the deadlines that should remain, noting that these dates should not update to reflect new trial date (eg. Judge decided this deadline remains as calculated using the original trial date).  Next, update the trial date and click on the “trash can” icon to delete the hand full of new deadlines mirroring the ones you just noted should not update to reflect new trial date.