FAQ – LawToolBox365 Office for Legal

How do I try LawToolBox365 Office for Legal out for free?

Answer: It’s easy! Click Here to enable the add-in now!

What is the cost?

Answer: Click here for list price

What if my trial gets rescheduled, will all the corresponding deadlines get regenerated and updated on everyone’s calendars?

Answer: Yes, the software assumes you’d want the same deadlines on your calendar that you originally added, but updated to reflect the new trial date. Edit the trial date by clicking on the pencil when viewing deadlines.

Can I add case specific deadlines based on judges orders or agreement with opposing counsel?

Answer: Yes!

What type of training is needed or recommended?

Answer: LawtoolBox365 is integrated inside of the Outlook Inbox.  Watch these videos or see step by step instructions here.

Is there a list of current and upcoming features?

Answer: Yes! Check out our feature release here.

Do I have to buy a LawToolBox365 license for every Office365 license or mailbox in my law firm?

Answer: For firms with less than 10 people, yes. For firms with 10 or more people, you need to buy a LawToolBox365 license for every two Office 365 licenses/mailboxes in the firm. (eg. A firm with 36 Office 365 mailboxes must buy 18 LawToolBox365 licenses).  Firms must purchase LawToolBox365 licenses for the following: (1) people who generate reports, (2) people who schedule deadlines or appointments, and (3) people who receive deadlines or appointments on their calendars).

Can I add it to my existing Office 365 mailbox or do I need to buy LawToolBox365 when I purchase Office 365?

Answer: You or your Microsoft Partner (or IT consultant) can add LawToolBoxe365 from your Office 365 global admin account.  They can also buy LawToolBox365 Office for Legal at the same time and provision with Office 365.

How can I find my deadlines that I have tagged as expert deadlines or does LawToolBox tag them automatically?

Answer: In order to find all your deadlines that are tagged as “expert” deadlines, open your Outlook calendar and search for “[tag]expert”.  If you would like to filter further to search only deadlines tagged as BOTH discovery AND expert, for example enter the following in the search window of your Outlook calendar:

“[tag]discovery” “[tag]expert”

LawToolBox pre-tags many of your deadlines.  The example above is pre-tagged by LawToolBox.  Here are a few more examples of tags

“[tag]court appearance”
“[tag]defendant” “[tag]expert”
“[tag]claiming party” “[tag]expert”
“[tag]trial date”

How do I add all or all future deadlines to my attorneys calendar?

Answer: Make sure the attorney is shared to the matter by clicking on the matter > going to “Share Matter” and click “Add” next to the attorney if they are not added already.  Then go to ‘View Deadlines’ > select all > click Internal button.  This will add the deadlines to everyone shared on this maters Outlook Calendar.

Can some attorneys receive calendar invites for each deadline or event added or removed from Outlook while others do not?

Answer: Yes, add an Outlook rule to their inbox for attorneys who do not wish to get notified for each deadline added/removed.  Skip this step for attorneys who would like to receive calendar invites.  Note: the user that generates deadlines will see calendar invites in their Outlook sent folder as the creator of the deadlines.

How do I add only select deadlines to my attorneys calendars?

Answer: When a you generate deadlines, the user should only check the box next to select deadlines that they would like to appear in their team members calendars. You will notice these deadlines turn green after clicking the “Internal” button.

Is there a way to add mater-specific meetings, appearances and deadlines at a specific time and location?

Answer: Yes! Users can edit deadlines from the “View Deadlines” screen > then click the pencil icon next to the trigger date to convert into a specific “time of day” appointment.  Users are not able to add a time and location to a trigger date, so they should click on matter name > click “Add Appointment” > and add the Trial Date, for example, as an appointment.

How do I add an attorney to a case?

Answer: Click on ‘Share Case’ click ‘Add’ next to the attorney you would like added.  To add deadlines to the attorneys calendar click on ‘View Deadlines’ > then click ‘Internal’.

What if there are a few deadlines that I only what to show up on a single user’s calendar?

Answer: Go to ‘View Deadlines’ > check the select deadlines you want to add > click ‘External’ > add their email address, select their time zone and calendar type and click ‘Add’.

How can I add deadlines to users’ calendars outside my firm?

Answer: Go to ‘View Deadlines’ > check the select deadlines you want to add > click ‘External’ > add their email address, select their time zone and calendar type and click ‘Add’

If a user is no longer involved in a case but remains in the firm, how do I remove them from the case?

Answer: Click on ‘Share Case’ > click ‘Remove’ next to the attorney you would like to be removed. Then, go into the Group for that case and remove the user from there as well.

How do I UNFOLLOW a case I am no longer on, and no longer wish to receive reminders on?

Answer: From LawToolBox365 click on “document folder” for a matter (or from Group click on “Files”) > click on settings gear, top right corner next to “members” > Manage group email > “receive only replies to you”

What if I don’t see a rule-set I’m looking for or would like to request a transactional or rule-set for a specialty practice not currently included in the list of rule-sets?

Answer: LawToolBox has the ability to surface custom-built rulesets (deadline calculators) for a specific firm. LawToolBox provides a Build-Your-Own Ruleset form for end-users to request a ruleset. LawToolBox can activate rule-sets to appear in only that firm’s “ruleset” list. In some cases, if LawToolBox believes there is value in offering the new ruleset to other customers, LawToolBox will not even charge for a build-your-own ruleset. In other cases, if the ruleset is specific to the firm and/or can’t be offered to other firms, LawToolBox can build the calculator but will charge a fee based on an hourly rate to build and surface this ruleset for that firm.
Request a Build-Your-Own Rule-Set  |  Request a Trigger Date  | Question About a Deadline

Viewing deadlines on your iPhone?

Answer: View your calendar using the Outlook Calendar App instead of using your native iPhone Calendar App (the Microsoft Office calendar app for iPhone and Androids only views up to 3 items in the all day event section of the calendar (using touch screen you can scroll through to see all deadlines) so that you can easily see your free and scheduled times on your calendar).