Tools To Get Started

After adding the app, click on the “Matters” button which now appears in your Outlook Ribbon.  The first time you will be prompted to connect LawToolBox365 by logging into your Office 365 account.

Before calculating deadlines make sure you (1) Create an Outlook Rule and (2) Create a Calendar View Rule

1. Create your first matter, calculate deadlines & add to user calendars

Click on the “Matters” icon in the Outlook ribbon, then set up your first matter by clicking “+ New Matter” link in the top right corner of the app.  Then follow the steps of the new matter wizard: enter basic matter info > choose state and choose rule-set > select team members > click on “+ Calculate” and choose trigger date to automatically generate deadlines based on the rules of procedure for each state > click “Internal” to add to internal users calendars.

You can also share deadlines externally with co-counsel, clients and experts using Outlook (all versions), Google, iCal, Lotus Work with any case management software that 2-way syncs with Outlook or Google. Click on the matter to access any of the following: Matter Dashboard, Calculate Deadlines, View Deadlines, Share Matter, Edit Matter Info, Document Folders, Open Matter Calendar, Add Notes (matter-based OneNote), Shared Inbox, Save Email, Close Matter

2.   Save documents & emails to document folders and OneNote

Click “Matters” and start typing matter name in searching window > click on the matter and…

(a) Select “Save Email” which will save the current email you are looking at along with all attachments to a matter-based document folder and inbox

(b) Select “Document Folder” to open a document from the matter folder or drag and drop documents or files to folder

3. View reports of upcoming deadlines for your cases or all cases 

Click on “Reports” icon in the Outlook ribbon, and generate reports of upcoming deadlines for your cases or all cases (the default range for the upcoming deadlines is the next 30 days but this range can be changed).

4. App Dashboard – View your deadlines over the next week and recent matters

Click on the Home icon in the ribbon to access your user “Dashboard” which instantly displays deadlines coming up over the next week in any matter that has been shared to you, and it also lists the most recent matters people in your firm have been working on so with a single click you can get right to work!

5. Get started drafting using email templates and insert deadlines

When drafting emails allowing users to insert deadline charts and/or legal clauses and email templates in emails they send to co-counsel, clients and experts.