New Features & Release Notes

Comparison Chart – LawToolBox365 (April 2017)

Release Date: 12/16/2017

  • Administrators can now configure LawToolBox365 to (i) create an Office 365 Group as each matter is created on LawToolBox (default configuration), (ii) they can allow LawToolBox to attach to an existing, internally created Office 365 Group or SharePoint site (new), or (iii) create a matter without connecting deadlines to an Office 365 Group.

Release Date: 10/24/2017

  • In addition to automating deadlines based on court rule-sets, users can now track deadlines for the rest of their matters using “generic” rule-set (e.g. for transactional or other matters where deadlines are not predictable) enabled using the following two new features
  • Add/edit/remove miscellaneous deadlines for a particular matter (defaults to all day event, with option schedule deadline for a specific time of day)
  • Add/edit/remove miscellaneous appointments for a particular matter (includes location, start time, duration and ability to attach up to two link to pdf or file)
  • Single click to edit/remove trigger date (when a trial date is removed, all deadlines that run off of trial will update or be removed).
  • When removing/editing a trigger date, any edited/customized deadlines running off that date will be displayed so that user can selectively evaluate which deadlines to add to group calendar
  • Admin only: ability to access/review history of changes of who add/edited or removed access
  • Users have previously been able to selectively add only the deadlines they need, but now they can now selectively remove deadlines from user calendars while preserving deadlines in add-in reports, or they can remove deadlines from both the group calendar and the add-in reports
  • Auto Remove upcoming deadlines for all users when a matter is closed

Release Date: 4/10/2017

Docketing – Deadline Management

  • Rules-based calendaring / off-the-shelf
  • Rules-based Calendaring / build-your-own
  • Monitors for rule changes
  • Concise descriptions
  • Consistent case mgmt/scheduling order descriptions
  • Edit deadlines to reflect orders
  • Add miscellaneous deadlines and events
  • Roll off weekends & Court Holidays
  • Reflects method of service
  • Hide one or many deadlines
  • Links to authorities to analyze deadlines complex deadlines
  • Audit trail of who edited what and when
  • Manage deadlines from inside Outlook as emails arrive †
  • Manage deadlines on almost any device including iPads, Macs & PCs (include Outlook on a Mac) †
  • Anyone can use in minutes

Docketing – Calendar Sync

  • Sync deadlines natively to Group calendar for each matter, and to individual user calendars to whom matter is shared † Works with any case mgmt software that 2-way syncs with Outlook
  • Direct sync with most cloud-based case management
  • Direct sync with many premise-based case management
  • Add, update and remove appearances and appointments
  • Share and update deadlines externally (no software req’d) to external team members who use Outlook (any version), iCal, Google, or Lotus Notes

Office 365 Groups Integration

  • Auto provisions a SharePoint site & calendar, OneNote, shared Inbox for each matter
  • Single-click to manage notes in OneNote for each matter
  • Single-click to save emails & attachments to matter folder
  • Single-click to view each matter calendar in SharePoint
  • Single-click to open doc folders for any matter in SharePoint
  • Each matter has its own email address and shared inbox
  • Create a Microsoft Team to manage any matter using existing group for enhanced collaboration, persistent chat by channel and topic, customizable workspace


  • Centralized, matter-based, on-demand reports in Outlook†
  • Report filters (by user, group, firm, active, closed, recent)
  • Upcoming Deadline & Event Reports (by user, group)
  • Dashboard access to recent matters/upcoming deadlines †
  • Deadlines & reports in O365 on IOS, iPhone & Android †
  • Business intelligence on average length of trial & motions †


  • Malpractice insurance discounts
  • Leverage Microsoft Office software that users already own and are familiar with †
  • Use templates to get started drafting emails†
  • Insert deadline charts while drafting emails†