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A Modern App for Microsoft Office 365 Outlook
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Is your staff manually entering deadlines into calendars? Calendar cluttered with deadlines that don’t apply? What if your staff could calculate, view and share deadlines as emails arrive from state courts, PACER, opposing counsel and clients? Use LawToolBox365 to instantly add deadlines internally to Outlook, and externally to your client’s Google calendar, a witnesses Outlook calendar, an expert’s iCal calendar, or an insurance adjuster’s Lotus Notes calendar.

Here's a really cool 2 minute overview ...

What makes LawToolBox365 a Modern Add-in?

  • No software is installed anywhere – it resides inside Office 365
  • Seamlessly works as Office 365 runs updates
  • Seamlessly works with any “Modern” Office 365 add-in
  • Not a COM add-in (or .msi)

    You’ll be up and running in no time after watching this 18 minute training video …

What makes LawToolBox365 even better?

          Deadlines. Anyway way you want them. Secure.

» Share deadlines internally in Outlook/Office 365             » Share deadlines externally with everyone involved
» Rule-sets for state & federal court (50 states)                    » Centralized deadline management
» Rule changes automatically reflected                                   » Insert templates into emails
» Docket deadlines from PACER emails                                 » Insert legal clauses into emails
» Insert matter deadlines while drafting                                » Anyone can learn how to use in minutes!

          Manage Deadlines from your Phone or Tablet!

Scan this with your iPhone or Android (many Android phones require that you download a QR app reader). You can always just navigate to https://app.lawtoolbox.com on your phone or tablet and save the browser page to your home screen. 3 min video


InfoTrack Invests In LawToolBox To further Enable Growth For The Future.

A few months ago, LawToolBox secured a significant investment from InfoTrack, a well-known investor in the legal space.  The expanded resources will allow LawToolBox to broaden its library of deadline rule-sets, enhance the API and technology through which it delivers content to integration partners, deepen its integration with Microsoft 365, and provide broader services and support to both clients and integration partners. This investment will help us to deliver to our clients and partners an even better and more valuable experience and advance our mission of helping legal professionals streamline their practice and achieve more, which is especially important as the entire country navigates through COVID-19.We’ve started by adding to on an already amazing team.  In just the past month we have added several attorneys to our rule-set management team, and they are already integrated into our system building and maintaining rule-sets.  We are adding key personnel in finance, development, marketing and support so that our foundation for growth is rock solid.  We are hiring a channel manager dedicated to working with our great partners and helping us grow business together in a mutually beneficial direction.  And of course, we are adding amazing sales team members to help legal professionals understand their best options for managing their practice. This investment makes us a stronger, and a better partner for any of our API and integration partners.  We are delivering better and deeper deadline content and we’ll put more resources into our API to make it faster, easier to use, and more robust.  For example, soon we will be able to deliver deadline analytics through our API which will inform end-users... read more

Partners Surface LawToolBox Deadlines Inside their Products through API integration

Many entrepreneurs and organizations have built and are gaining market traction with valuable case management systems to help legal professionals manage files, calendars, notes and business processes. Competing systems have different strengths to pursue law firms of various sizes and practice areas, and they can augment and amplify their product by providing rules-based deadlines to their clients and practices. LawToolBox can fill this gap and provide rules-based deadlines to integration partners who build to the LawToolBox Deadline API. After an introductory meeting, LawToolBox can provide new partners with API credentials, which they can use to explore API functionality and incorporate the LawToolBox deadline system on the inside of their own system. The end-user of the third party system experiences a seamless UI where they can calculate rules-based deadlines and add those deadlines to their calendars without ever leaving the integration partners solution! The LawToolBox API has been designed so that we own all the complexity, and minimize the burden on integrators. Past integrations have been done in as short as one week-long sprint. The basic flow is straight forward: 1. Generate OATH Token. Partners use their credentials to generate an OATH token that they use to communicate to the LawToolBox API (the token will periodically expire so partner needs to implement a flow to refresh the token as necessary). The partner uses this single token to communicate on behalf of every end-user account they activate. 2. Implement Flow to Auto-Regenerate Token if it Expires. We suggest that you implement a flow where if your auth token expires for any reason, it will auto renew. However, please don’t auto generate... read more

Interview with Microsoft Director re Work from Home with Microsoft Teams

And as part of our effort to inform clients and friends, last week we recorded an interview with Mike Ammerlaan, Director of M365 Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft, on security features of Microsoft Teams, and tips for legal professionals working from home to get the most from Teams.  In the last part of the interview, Carol Lynn Grow, VP of Sales & Marketing for LawToolBox, also gives an overview of how LawToolBox enables legal matter management system inside of Teams: As lawyers continue to transition to work from home, LawToolBox offers free daily webinars on how to collaborate remotely using Microsoft Teams, especially when lawyers amplify Office 365 for legal by adding LawToolBox: 11 AM CENTRAL – Working from Home on Office 365 & Teams – RSVP12 PM CENTRAL – Onboarding Workshop LawToolBox & Teams – RSVP1 PM CENTRAL – Manage Matters and Collaborate in Teams – RSVP If you want more direct support, schedule a call with a LawToolBox Teams specialist to answer any questions.  We hope to see you in one of our webinars.  Let us now what we can do to help.  Stay safe! The LawToolBox Team T: 1-888-958-6657 E: support@lawtoolbox.comCase Study |  White Paper  |  Press Release | Office 365 Apps (3-min... read more

LawToolBox Integration with Microsoft Teams Enhances Matter Management and Facilitates Virtual Hearings for Courts

DENVER (April 28, 2020) –  In response to COVID-19 LawToolBox announces it accelerated development of new features for its award-winning app for Microsoft Teams to empower judicial and administrative courts to manage legal matters remotely with virtual hearings.  Judicial and administrative courts are looking to different technologies to get them back up and ready for hearings.  Some courts are not just looking for a short-term patch for web meeting, but they are looking for a more robust long-term solution that includes matter and file management, calendaring, and document collaboration. virtual hearings connected to matters & Microsoft Teamsmatter management across Office 365 Teams, Outlook & SharePointautomate compliance and litigation deadlinesmodern and secure collaboration for courts and the parties Types of Virtual Hearings:  The types of remote hearings that Microsoft Teams and LawToolBox can facilitate include: State, Federal and Appellate Courts, State and Federal Agency with Hearing Boards, Attorney General Offices and City Attorney Offices, Workers Compensation organizations, Unemployment Boards.  Most of these organizations already own Office 365 and because Teams comes free with Office 365 subscriptions this enables these organizations to host and live-stream remote hearings on legal matters securely using software they already own. New Features in Teams for Virtual Hearings. Microsoft has been accelerating features in Teams that facilitate remote hearings increasing the number of participants who can be viewed simultaneously on the Microsoft Teams meeting stage to 9 so attorneys can watch the expressions of all the other participants not just the person talking, custom backgrounds so judges can look like they are sitting in a courtroom, Team’s “hold” to facilitate breakout waiting rooms that allow judges... read more


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