Getting Started

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4 Steps 20 Minutes

  1. Create a LawToolBox account > SIGN UP NOW (30 seconds)
  2. Connect your LawToolBox Account to Time Matters®
    (click here to schedule a 15 minute remote install of our add-in)
  3. To connect a Time Matters® matter to a LawToolbox matter, select the Responsible Attorney from the “My Users” screen in LawToolBox and click “Set up Case” > enter matter name (shorter the better, does not need to match matter name in Time Matters®)> choose the rule-set > enter Time Matters number in “matter number” field.
  4. Now simply enter or change the trigger dates  (e.g., trial commences) and automatically see deadlines get added, moved and even removed from everyone Time Matters® when the case resolves!

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