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LawToolBox court deadlines for Office 365, Outlook 2003+, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Matter Center also works with PCLaw | Time Matters!

  • LawToolBox court rule-based deadlines auto-appear in PCLaw | Time Matters every 15-30 minutes.
  • Synchronize deadlines to PCLaw | Time Matters, and add select deadlines to Outlook, Google, iCal and Lotus Notes for either internal and/or external parties involved in each case.
  • Access a robust docketing system in PCLaw | Time Matters: automated rule changes, custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trail, build your own deadline templates, and more!
  • Track every date in cases including: rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances etc.
  • As you docket deadlines and appearances in LawToolBox, these items update everywhere, including in (i) weekly docketing reports (by attorney, paralegal, group and/or firm), (ii) custom reports, (iii) email reminders, and (iv) calendars for users assigned to case.

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Secure deadlines with rule changes monitored by attorneys

Anyone can learn to use LawToolBox in PCLaw | Time Matters within minutes.

Instant rules-based deadlines

Instantly calculate & calendar rules-based deadlines in PCLaw | Time Matters.

Smart scheduling

Save hours managing deadlines with a centralized deadline management solution that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states.

Automatic Rule Changes

Rules changes updated and reflected automatically in calendar

Build Your Own Deadline Templates

Create custom rule-sets for your practice.

Edit Deadlines to Reflect Orders

Edit or hide one or many deadlines in a single click.

Create Custom Reports in Minutes

View history, deadlines, cases, who edited what and when, and more.

Plus you can email deadline reminders with links to authority, manage user permissions to allow view or edit access, and more!


Automatic court deadline calculator and calendaring in PCLaw | Time Matters

LawToolBox365 provides a centralized deadline management solution that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states.

Simply enter the PCLaw | Time Matters matter number and deadlines seamlessly sync to PCLaw | Time Matters.

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