LawToolBox Templates for Microsoft Teams Brings All of the Tools you Need to Manage Matters into One Team

By Jack Grow

(Redmond, WA – May 25, 2022) On the main stage at the Microsoft Build conference, LawToolBox COO Carol-Lynn Grow was interviewed by Microsoft Teams CVP Bhrighu Sareen. Over 50,000 attendees got a glimpse of the new LawToolBox feature that templatizes Microsoft Teams. With one-click, LawToolBox turns Microsoft Teams into an umbrella platform pre-configured with all the Microsoft and third-party apps you use to manage your legal matters!  It is a game changer. Read the full press release here.

First, your law firm administrator sets up preferences for your organization and preconfigures the channels that will get auto provisioned for each practice area. 

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Then, when someone in your firm sets up a matter and selects one of the practice areas you have defined, each channel will be automatically provisioned with any Microsoft or 3d party app you want as tabs. 

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Do you use NetDocuments? Adobe Sign? Want to use Microsoft Planner?  LawToolBox will automatically add them as tabs to any channel in a Team created by our solution. 

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LawToolBox further amplifies Microsoft Teams with other tools to manage matters, including: 

– Login to LawToolBox using SSO to protect your confidential data behind Microsoft firewall 

– Check-in with the LawToolBox chat bot every morning for quick access to your Outlook calendar, upcoming deadlines, LawToolBox matters, or your recently used files 

– Create a Microsoft Team for your matter from Outlook 

– When creating a Microsoft Team use channel and tab templates specific to a practice area 

– Jump from a LawToolBox matter in Outlook to the associated Microsoft Team 

– Manage Microsoft Team user membership from LawToolBox 

– Provision “folders and files” that you have complete control to modify at anytime 

– Create a Team for your own “clause bank” or “forms library” and use LawToolBox to insert your work product when drafting an email or word document 

– Save emails from Outlook to SharePoint and access them anytime from the Microsoft Teams “Files” tab 

– Retrieve basic matter info in the Microsoft Teams chat bot then jump to the LawToolBox application in the tab to delve further 

When you combine templatized Teams with these robust features and tools, LawToolBox has transformed Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams into a one-of-a-kind collaboration tool to manage your legal matters.  

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