lawtoolbox365 and Nulia

lawtoolbox365 and Nulia

Attention Microsoft Partners! Some of you may be conducting Office 365 training programs for your legal clients, but if you don’t, Nulia now offers a LawToolBox + Office 365 training program in partnership with LawToolBox!
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Clients can easily get LawToolBox365 and Office 365 at the same time.  LawToolBox has partnered with Nulia and created new user training for LawToolbox365.  Nulia’s Fundamentals for LawToolBox365 is the fastest way to enable new users to leverage LawToolBox in an effective and efficient manner.

LawToolBox365 addresses the risk of a missed deadline, is integrated with Office 365, and creates a matter-based backbone inside Outlook that empowers legal professionals to calculate state and federal court deadlines based on rules of procedure for in 50 states.  With matter-based deadlines inside Outlook, using familiar Microsoft Office tools you already know, you can automate deadlines as emails arrive, so you can focus on winning your case.

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