Microsoft Releases Matter Center Code on GitHub and notes LawToolBox Integration

Microsoft Releases Matter Center Code on GitHub and notes LawToolBox Integration
Microsoft announced to make Matter Center available to a broad community of developers through GitHub in today’s Office blog post.   Matter Center for Office 365 uses provider-hosted SharePoint sites to anchor matters to familiar Microsoft products such as OneDrive for file storage, OneNote for trial notebooks, MS Word for drafting legal documents, and Outlook for managing email.  Instead of custom building a SharePoint site for each new case, Matter Center auto compiles a powerful SharePoint site where matter information is aggregated, and which can include a SharePoint calendar.  The beauty and power of overlaying matters on this powerful Microsoft infrastructure is threefold:  (1) the products that Matter Center is built on top of — like Outlook and MS Word — are familiar and have been used by law firms for years, (2) attorneys can take advantage of secure and powerful analytical tools like Delve  that Microsoft has spent years building, and (3) there is a predictable and stable set of APIs that third parties can build into to make the vertical penetration even deeper and more valuable.

On their Office blog, Microsoft also announced LawToolBox’s continued commitment to integrate with Office 365 and Microsoft Matter Center!  Video demo. “The LawToolBox integration for Matter Center transforms our go to market strategy and our ability to deliver robust court deadline solutions.  First, integration allows LawToolBox to draft behind the powerful suite of Microsoft products embedded in Office 365.  Second, integration with SharePoint has given LawToolBox new tools to enhance collaboration with co-counsel, larger firms, corporations and government agencies that already use SharePoint on Azure servers to share and aggregate information.  And third, our integration for Matter Center ties into a centralized matter repository so that basic case data is ‘entered once and used many times’ to better increase productivity and automate litigation workflow”  says Carol Lynn Grow, LawToolBox VP of Marketing and Sales.

Office Blog Post (12/17/2015)

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