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Office365 for Legal

LawToolBox365 Office for Legal with Deadlines

Automating rules-based deadlines, document folders, calendar, notes and shared inbox for matters

Missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys, and the business of law requires the modern legal practices address and manage this risk. Most firms don’t have a systematic approach to deadline management and almost 70% of all law firms identify outlook as their primary repository for tracking deadlines and reminders.

Law firms are needlessly spending countless hours and money just to get basic tasks done, preventing them from better serving clients and putting undue risk on the firm that impacts customer service, brand reputation, short-term revenues and long-term existence. Further complicating their ability to address this problem, many attorneys are so overwhelmed by inefficiencies in their practice that they don’t feel they have the time to take steps to fix the issues weighing them down. But this failure to properly manage deadlines can lead to missing deadlines, losing motions, losing litigation, and losing clients. The business and personal consequences can be huge.

LawToolBox365 is a modern add-in that is built inside of Outlook, it is NOT bolted on like the older products.   This add-in addresses the risk of a missed deadline, is integrated with Office 365, and creates a matter-based backbone inside Outlook that empowers legal professionals to calculate state and federal court deadlines based on rules of procedure in 50 states. blog 1

LawToolBox has been working for years to build our own version of Microsoft Office for Legal, and our content and technology are coming together at the same time as Microsoft is opening its platform to integration and at the same time as LawToolBox has developed strong relationships in the Microsoft distribution network. Our new add-in is the 6th generation of add-in, and has evolved to leverage many of the new features of office 365 and to use SSO OpenID which is the most secure method for authenticating a software solution. LawToolBox is at the forefront leading the way showing the legal industry and other verticals how to integrate our products into the Microsoft ecosystem in what we believe is the next step in the evolution of case management.

Legal professionals can set up new matters right from inside Outlook, share the matter to specific team members, and then add deadlines to user’s calendars. LawToolBox365 uses the Outlook personal and matter calendar as a bridge to share information with other legal solutions.

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Using LawToolBox365, legal professionals can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours to do by hand. For example, when a user sets up a new matter in our rule-set for Los Angeles Superior Court, they can enter a date for when the “Trial Commences” and then calculate over 50 deadlines that run off this single triggering event. All matter deadlines are then aggregated into various reports where users can get an overview of their day, week or month in seconds.

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Using our calendar service, legal professionals can share deadlines to any case management software the 2-way syncs with Outlook, and share deadlines externally with counsel, experts and clients using a variety of calendar programs – any they don’t have to install anything!

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The forward-leaning attorney needs access to deadline and matter information, anywhere, anytime. The modern lawyer is mobile and needs to be able to access matter information anywhere, anytime. You can view deadlines and matter information from wherever you are using Microsoft Office for iPhone, iOS or Android.

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Matter-based shared Inbox, docs, and notes. LawToolBox365 has extended our matter-based deadline backbone inside of Microsoft Office to leverage powerful features that law firms who own Office 365 are already paying for. When a new matter is set up, LawToolBox365 can also create for that matter a document folder, calendar, notebook, and shared Inbox inside Microsoft Office.

More specifically, each case can have its own matter-specific: (i) shared Inbox for aggregating case emails, (ii) document folder enabled through SharePoint to store files in a secure platform with advanced sharing options and version control, (iii) calendar in Office 365 that adds deadlines to user calendars, and (iv) notebook for case notes leveraging OneNote’s powerful and secure organizational tools. Law firms and legal departments already paying for Office 365 will be able to take advantage of powerful Microsoft security, collaboration, and business intelligence features.

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LawToolBox365 has been designed to handle changes in deadlines, matter access, and team members. When you receive an email from opposing counsel, or a notice from the court, that an important event like the trial date has changed, attorneys can instantly recalculate deadlines inside LawToolBox365.

LawToolBox is also another set of eyes watching for court rule changes. When the rules of procedure used to calculate deadlines change, LawToolBox365 notifies you and updates your calendar.

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Our ability to provide custom rulesets is unique. While LawToolBox has rule-sets for civil litigation in 50 states out of the box, users who have unique timeline needs can build custom calculators that appear only in their Inbox. For example, a large national insurance company can use rule-sets built to their unique needs and practice, or an attorney managing compliance deadlines for mutual fund companies can use his own calculator that reflects not only statutory deadlines but internal deadlines intended to make sure filings ready to file way in advance of the actual deadline.

LawToolBox 365 brings email management and rules-based calendaring together. You can streamline the drafting of important emails filled with important information in seconds. Get started drafting emails with templates, and insert relevant matter deadlines with the click of a button.

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In a constantly changing complex legal environment, managing and sharing deadlines and matter info has never been easier. For the busy attorney, LawToolBox365 and Microsoft Office 365 are better together…

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