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Use LawToolBox to easily calculate and calendar court rules-based deadlines inside PracticePanther.

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Use the #1legal deadline calculator in PracticePanther law practice management software to save time, eliminate error, and prevent malpractice from missed deadlines.

LawToolBox + PracticePanther

LawToolBox automates rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances etc. and now adds those deadlines into your PracticePanther Platform.

PracticePanther® PracticePanthers’s new integration with LawToolBox allows you to import calendar dates for matters in jurisdictions all over the United States. This advanced synchronization will let you know when published deadlines change so you can stay on top of your game.

Calculated deadlines inside PracticePanther using LawToolBox

Calculate and customize deadlines

Calculating and calendaring deadlines in PracticePanther is intuitive. Simply enter your case information and a trigger date then automatically calculate all deadlines in seconds.

Edit events and deadlines inside your PracticePanther calendar using LawToolBox
Edit deadlines from inside your PracticePanther calendar to easily customize for your practice.

Sync deadlines to calendars instantly

Manage matter-related deadlines within your calendar in PracticePanther to save time and prevent missed deadlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Enable LawToolBox and Get Started? Click on your name > Settings > Court Rules > Sign Up > then answer the questions in the wizard. Contact LawToolBox for pricing information. 
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How to configure account to select the default ruleset that will appear?  Click on your name > Settings > Court Rules > Add Rule-Set (add every ruleset that you think you might use). 
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How do you calculate deadlines for the first time on a matter?  When you are in a matter click on the green “New” button,  then select “Court Rule”.  Then select the ruleset, identify which users you want to receive deadlines, add reminders, the click “Create Events” to add selected events to your PracticePanther calendar.  
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How do you re-calculate a trigger date so that all the dependent deadlines move?  When you are in a matter select the ACTIVITIES tab, scroll down and locate the trigger date you want to re-calculate deadlines for (e.g., “Date of Trial”).  Hover over the name of the trigger date and some action buttons will appear. DO NOT CLICK EDIT!!!  Instead you must click the COURT RULE button then follow the instructions in the wizard.  
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How do you calculate deadline for triggers like “Date Discovery Served” so you can track multiple instances?  When you are in a matter click on the green “New” button,  then select “Court Rule”, and select the ruleset.  When the wizard asks you for a “Trigger” look for “Date Written Discovery Served”.  Give this instance of discovery a name like “Smith ROGS on Jones”, answer any questions regarding method of service, then follow the remainder of the instructions in the wizard to calculate your deadlines and add them to your calendar. 
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What sets LawToolBox deadlines apart?  Rules-based deadlines is not just about entering a trigger date and calculating a deadline, its about using a system that has redundant reminders built-in, and can accommodate scheduling orders, stipulations, miscellaneous deadlines and appointments, rolling off weekends, taking different court holidays into account when counting backwards or forwards, taking method of service into account to add extra days, linking to applicable authorities, report codes and hashtags enable robust reporting, and of course whether the system makes you eligible for discounts on your malpractice premiums.  
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Combine the power of PracticePanther’s legal practice management software with LawToolBox’s court rule and deadline management system and ensure you never miss a deadline!

For more FAQs about our integration, visit PracticePanther.

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