Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how LawToolBox protects information that may be collected when people visit, when they use any of our LEGAL APPS (including the Windows 8.1 app and/or the Court Deadline email app for Outlook 365/2013) and when users register for and access LawToolBox online services. Please note that none of the LEGAL APPS will have any value for a website visitor until they sign up and become a registered user.

Website Visitors.  You are a website visitor if you browse to without signing in and/or register to attend a LawToolBox web demonstration. Neither LawToolBox nor the LEGAL APPS store any personal information for any Website Visitor. None of the LEGAL APPS will have any value for an end-user until they sign up and become a registered user.

Personal Information Collected.  If a website visitor requests information from LawToolBox or registers to attend a web demonstration, user information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and area of interest or industry may be collected, BUT ONLY IF THIS INFORMATION IS SPECIFICALY & KNOWINGLY SHARED BY THE WEBSITE VISITOR. If information is shared by the Website Visitor, then LawToolBox may use this information to contact the website visitor to meet his or her request and/or to facilitate web demonstration attendance.  We do not use cookies to collect or maintain any information on website visitors.

Registered Users of our Online Services.  You are a Registered User if you have a username and password to access LawToolBox online services.

Personal Information Collected.  LawToolBox requires registered users’ name, email address, city, state/province, country, and zip/postal code, and requests some optional information such as fax number. This information is required to verify and validate online services, and when using our services it is used to populate legal papers and send email reminders. User information may also be used by customer support to identify registered users who contact LawToolBox, and to send technical support information to registered users. Additionally, registered users may submit and/or retrieve information about their litigation lawsuits and matters using an encrypted https conection to LawToolBox. No personal information is collected through any online cookies. Registered users may correct or change the user information stored by LawToolBox by signing in and accessing their user account settings from their home page. Registered users are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of usernames and passwords. Registered users are also bound by the terms of the LawToolBox Limitations, License, and Service Agreement, which is the agreement between LawToolBox and any user accessing the LawToolBox web-based software.

Storage and Transmission of Personal Information.  Personal information that is submitted on LawToolBox is stored in dedicated SQL databases on a dedicated LawToolBox server. Personal information stored on LawToolBox servers is NEVER shared with any third-parties. All employees of LawToolBox, as part of their employment agreements, sign an agreement agreeing to hold any and all client information that may be shared with them by registered users in confidence. Information transmitted over the internet between LawToolBox and registered users, including between LAWTOOLBOX and any registered users that are using any LawToolBox LEGAL APP, is transmitted using encrypted https protocol. You can click on the lock on the website to review details about this encryption.

Personal Information is Not Disclosed.  LawToolBox will NOT disclose any personal information, except: (i) as described in this Privacy Policy, or (ii) to comply with applicable laws or valid legal process, or (iii) to protect the rights or property of LawToolBox. We do not give, rent, lend, or sell user information. From time to time we may provide aggregate (statistical) information to third parties to describe our services to prospective partners, advertisers, and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes, however this information does not identify individual users. This privacy policy does not preclude the parties from entering into a different agreement which permits LawToolBox to mention the registered user in its marketing or promotion materials.

Promotional Communications.We may use personal information to send occasional promotional notices (such as newsletters) about LawToolBox services, unless instructed not to. LawToolBox makes procedures available so that website visitors and registered users can opt out at the time of information submission, or at any time afterwards.

External Websites.  We may provide links from our LEGAL APP, website or online services to other websites. If you follow these links from our site to theirs, you should be aware that these other sites have their own privacy and data collection practices. LawToolBox has no responsibility or liability for these independent policies. For more information regarding a site and its privacy policies, check that site.

Server Request Logging.  As is typical, we log http and https requests to our servers. This means that we know the originating IP address of a website visitor or registered user requesting a URL. We occasionally analyze the log files for maintenance purposes. Logged information is not disclosed outside of LawToolBox staff personnel or those under contract to conduct hardware and software maintenance.

Corporate Privacy Officer.  To contact our Corporate Privacy Officer to address questions regarding LawToolBox privacy practices, please e-mail or call 1-888-958-6657, or send a letter addressed to the Corporate Privacy Officer at, Inc., PO Box 1766, Denver, Colorado 80217-0666.

Unsubscribe from Mailing List.  If you have received electronic correspondence in the past from LawToolBox, and would like to unsubscribe from our mailing list, please send an email to, call 1-888-958-6657, or send a letter addressed to the Corporate Privacy Officer at, Inc., PO Box 1766, Denver, CO 80217-0666. Please be sure to include your relevant contact details.