Request a deadline template for any vertical (including legal)


Step 1: Click here to request Build-a-Deadline-Template-Form with your contact information and you will receive an email shortly with a Build-a-Deadline-Template-Form for you to complete along with info on our latest promotions for end users that build a custom deadline template for their organization and for Microsoft Partners that work with us to build a deadline template for their customers.

Step 2:  Pick your vertical (banking, education, oil & gas, regulatory, entertainment, tax deadlines, estate administration)

Step 3: Figure out a use case where a defined group of people have a repeatable timeline and a need for a group calendar, shared documents and place to keep notes.

Step 4: Complete the Build-a-Deadline-Template-Form we emailed you, listing key dates (AKA “trigger dates”) and the corresponding deadlines that run off of each date including the number of “days” (all days or weekdays), weeks, months years to add or subtract to calculate each deadlines. We will also request preference for rolling dates off of weekends and holidays forward to next business day or backward to previous day).

Step 5: To qualify for any promotions email letting us know once your first user successfully set up their first project or matter.

Also see our newsletter including Microsoft Blog featuring LawToolBox365  and promoted our legal solution for Office 365 in Boost Your Business with New Technology eGuide, p. 8 spotlighting LawToolBox with Dell Spanning and Barracuda.

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