Request our Pilot Program for Your Customer

Many law firms and legal departments purchase LawToolBox365 after watching the 3 minute video below, but you can request a free trial account for a mid to large law firm clients.

  • We will send you instructions to add the LawToolBox365 Modern Add-in to their Outlook 2016 or 2013 Inbox (because it’s a modern add-in you don’t have to install anything)
  • Their demo account will allow them to set up one matter (if they need 2 matters, email support@lawtoolbox.com)
  • They can choose from any of available rule-sets listed in the demo account including state and federal courts in the US
  • Email support@lawtoolbox.com asking for more time if you get a message that their demo account will expire soon
  • Their free trial account allows them to do everything including: calculating deadlines, moving deadlines, adding deadlines to internal and external calendars, viewing and sending deadline charts and reports, sending draft emails and more

Note: If the law firm or legal department doesn’t have an Office 365 account, please mention this in the form and we will contact you with a couple of choices.

If you have time, watch this 3 minute video produced by Microsoft Studios (click here to email a colleague).

Fill out the information below to request a free trial account for your client!

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