Setup and Enable Outlook Add-In


Don’t have a LawToolBox account yet?

Create a LawToolBox Account & Get Add-In

Start here. You will be prompted to choose which account type to start with, Basic Sync or Native Sync (if you choose Native sync, your global admin must enable the add-in and login first, before getting started).

Basic Sync: works with every version of Office 365 and allows users to create matters, view reports, calculate deadlines, add/update case specific dates, with basic sync to outlook calendar for each matter

Native Sync: Office 365 Global Admin mailbox must enable before adding for others, works with Small Biz Premium+ & E3,  includes same features described above except instead of basic sync, its fully-integrated native sync with Outlook, Groups, OneNote and Microsoft Teams


Already have a LawToolBox account?

Enable LawToolBox365 Add-in

Note (1):  LawToolBox365 uses Office 365 single sign-on (SSO) so you won’t need credentials from us

Note (2):  If you choose Native Sync and the first user is not an Office 365 Global Admin, ask your IT department to first add the add-in to the Global Admin Outlook mailbox and sign in to the app by clicking on “Matters” (global admin will click “agree” to grant select users the ability create and manage Groups for LawToolBox matters). Even though users without global admin rights will be able to see the add-in in their Outlook Ribbon they will not be able to log into the add-in until global admin does this (see Quick Tips). Not sure if you are the “Global Admin”?  You are a Global Admin user if when you click on the “waffle menu” in your online office (OWA) and you see a tile for “Admin”.  (Click here for instructions on how to assign Office 365 global admin rights to a user).

Option A: Enable the Add-In for select users

Click here for detailed instructions

Option B: Enable the Add-In for all users (this should NOT be done if select users have already enabled the add-in)

Click here for detailed instructions

Option C: Enable the Add-In for a single user

Click here for detailed instructions

Option D: Add for Outlook for Mac

Log into your Office 365 account online > mail > settings (gear shift), > manage Add-Ins > enter lawtoolbox365 in search window and click on magnifying glass > add

Tech Notes:

Safari Browser. LawToolBox365 requires you to change the preference in Safari Browser to “Always Allow”.  Choose Privacy > “Always allow” for Cookies and website date.  (see more)

Quick Start Guide

Optional: Send a welcome email to each user

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