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LawToolBox & Rocket Matter

LawToolBox and Rocket Matter have teamed up to provide a suite of leading cloud based productivity solutions for the Modern Law Firm.

LawToolBox automates rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances etc. and now adds those deadlines into your Rocket Matter Platform.

Rocket Matter® Rocket Matter’s new integration with LawToolBox allows you to import calendar dates for matters in jurisdictions all over the United States. This advanced synchronization will let you know when published deadlines change so you can stay on top of your game.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enable LawToolBox and Get Started?  From the dashboard > Settings > Court Rules > Settings > then answer the questions in the wizard. Contact LawToolBox for pricing information.
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How to configure account to select the default ruleset that will appear?  From the dashboard > Settings > Court Rules > Settings > then add every rule-set that you think you might use, and select the rule-set you want to have as the default that appears when you first calculate deadlines for a matter.
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How do you calculate deadlines for the first time on a matter?  When you are in a matter click on the “Court Rule” link in the left-hand column, then select the rule-set, identify the user you want to receive rule-change notifications, select the trigger date, and answer any other questions the wizard asks you to finish calculating deadlines.  Once the deadline chart generates, slide the switch at the top left of the deadline chart to select all the deadlines you want to add to your calendar (de-select any deadlines you don’t want), click next step, then set your preferences for how deadlines will go into your calendar and who will receive them by clicking on the blue “Bulk Setup: button on the top-right hand of the corner of the deadline chart (be sure to save your import settings for next time).
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How do you re-calculate a trigger date so that all the dependent deadlines move?  When you are in a matter click on the “Court Rule” link in the left-hand column, select “Existing Rules”,  locate the trigger date you want to re-calculate deadlines for (e.g., “Date of Trial”) and click on the edit pencil on the right-hand side.  Scroll to the bottom of the deadline chart and enter the new date, re-calculate your deadlines, then follow the instructions (above) for adding deadlines to the calendar.
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How do you calculate deadline for triggers like “Date Discovery Served” so you can track multiple instances?  When you are in a matter click on the “Court Rule” link in the left-hand column, then select the rule-set, identify the user you want to receive rule-change notifications, select the trigger date, and answer any other questions the wizard asks you to finish calculating deadlines.  When the wizard asks you for a “Trigger” look for “Date Written Discovery Served”.  Give this instance of discovery a name like “Smith ROGS on Jones”, answer any questions regarding method of service, then follow the remainder of the instructions in the wizard to calculate your deadlines and add them to your calendar.
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What kind of Deadline Reports Can I Get?  You can see a 30 day view of upcoming deadlines in the month view of the calendar (and you have week and day views too).  The matter dashboard also show you a list of upcoming deadlines
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What sets LawToolBox deadlines apart?  Rules-based deadlines is not just about entering a trigger date and calculating a deadline, its about using a system that has redundant reminders built-in, and can accommodate scheduling orders, stipulations, miscellaneous deadlines and appointments, rolling off weekends, taking different court holidays into account when counting backwards or forwards, taking method of service into account to add extra days, linking to applicable authorities, report codes and hashtags enable robust reporting, and of course whether the system makes you eligible for discounts on your malpractice premiums.
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Combine the power of Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software with LawToolBox’s court rule and deadline management system and ensure you never miss a deadline!

Office 365 BLOG

Teams with LawToolBox versus Zoom – detailed feature comparison

Both Microsoft Teams and Zoom can be used to hold meetings quickly, but between the two only Microsoft Teams is integrated with LawToolBox matter management and can expand into a comprehensive collaboration solution.  In addition to the robust and unique virtual meeting module that LawToolBox has built to streamline meetings and breakout rooms through templates, there are other significant advantages to Microsoft Team with LawToolBox versus Zoom: 1.  Teams is totally configurable.  Teams can be configured for working and tracking information on specific matters, or it can be used to track general information.  Users can create Teams for a specific case or appeal, and invitees can vary depending on which Team you ae working on.  Beneath a Team, channels can be created by topic, and channels can made private, and tabs can be added extending the Team to specific documents, websites or cloud-based products.  See, Configure Microsoft Teams & LawToolBox for Legal (7 min video). 2.  Both Teams and Zoom can be used to simply start a quick meeting, but Teams also has more advanced meeting and chat features: 2.1-chat 1 to 1, 1 to many, or by any individual team/matter2.2-convert any text chat into a call or video chat2.3-you can record sessions2.4-reply to chat topics out-of-order so all communications on a topic are grouped2.5-every conversation has a complete HISTORY of communication2.6-every conversation is SEARCHABLE subject to user permissions enforced by MS2.7-any chat can be edited or deleted by owner of communication2.8-you can post screen shots2.9-you can post files2.10-post links to websites and files2.11-quickly hold meetings with external people in a team chat – video2.12-like or flag any post2.13-connect... read more

Interview with Microsoft Director re Work from Home with Microsoft Teams

And as part of our effort to inform clients and friends, last week we recorded an interview with Mike Ammerlaan, Director of M365 Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft, on security features of Microsoft Teams, and tips for legal professionals working from home to get the most from Teams.  In the last part of the interview, Carol Lynn Grow, VP of Sales & Marketing for LawToolBox, also gives an overview of how LawToolBox enables legal matter management system inside of Teams: As lawyers continue to transition to work from home, LawToolBox offers free daily webinars on how to collaborate remotely using Microsoft Teams, especially when lawyers amplify Office 365 for legal by adding LawToolBox: 11 AM CENTRAL – Working from Home on Office 365 & Teams – RSVP12 PM CENTRAL – Onboarding Workshop LawToolBox & Teams – RSVP1 PM CENTRAL – Manage Matters and Collaborate in Teams – RSVP If you want more direct support, schedule a call with a LawToolBox Teams specialist to answer any questions.  We hope to see you in one of our webinars.  Let us now what we can do to help.  Stay safe! The LawToolBox Team T: 1-888-958-6657 E: support@lawtoolbox.comCase Study |  White Paper  |  Press Release | Office 365 Apps (3-min... read more

LawToolBox Integration with Microsoft Teams Enhances Matter Management and Facilitates Virtual Hearings for Courts

DENVER (April 28, 2020) –  In response to COVID-19 LawToolBox announces it accelerated development of new features for its award-winning app for Microsoft Teams to empower judicial and administrative courts to manage legal matters remotely with virtual hearings.  Judicial and administrative courts are looking to different technologies to get them back up and ready for hearings.  Some courts are not just looking for a short-term patch for web meeting, but they are looking for a more robust long-term solution that includes matter and file management, calendaring, and document collaboration. virtual hearings connected to matters & Microsoft Teamsmatter management across Office 365 Teams, Outlook & SharePointautomate compliance and litigation deadlinesmodern and secure collaboration for courts and the parties Types of Virtual Hearings:  The types of remote hearings that Microsoft Teams and LawToolBox can facilitate include: State, Federal and Appellate Courts, State and Federal Agency with Hearing Boards, Attorney General Offices and City Attorney Offices, Workers Compensation organizations, Unemployment Boards.  Most of these organizations already own Office 365 and because Teams comes free with Office 365 subscriptions this enables these organizations to host and live-stream remote hearings on legal matters securely using software they already own. New Features in Teams for Virtual Hearings. Microsoft has been accelerating features in Teams that facilitate remote hearings increasing the number of participants who can be viewed simultaneously on the Microsoft Teams meeting stage to 9 so attorneys can watch the expressions of all the other participants not just the person talking, custom backgrounds so judges can look like they are sitting in a courtroom, Team’s “hold” to facilitate breakout waiting rooms that allow judges... read more

LawToolBox Offer Combines Free Access and Onboarding to Help Firms Manage Matters in Microsoft Teams

By Robert Ambrogi on March 26, 2020As legal technology companies step up to the plate and offer free products and services to help the legal community get through this time of crisis, LawToolBox is extending an offer that can help get firms up and running on effectively managing all their matters through Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. LawToolBox is legal calendaring and deadline management software that integrates with a number of platforms. But through its integration with Office 365 Teams, it effectively becomes a full matter management suite for litigation groups, combining matter-level calendaring, document management, collaboration, contacts and more. As legal teams struggle to adapt to new ways of working, LawToolBox today said it is aiming to help them do that through a three part offer that combines next-day onboarding, training through webinars and direct calls, and free access both to its software and Office 365.Read the full article here... read more

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