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LawToolBox + Smokeball

LawToolBox integration empowers law firms using SmokeBall to streamline and automate rules-based deadlines from a seamless experience inside Smokeball’s cloud based case management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enable LawToolBox and Get Started?

How to configure account to select the default ruleset that will appear? coming soon.

How do you calculate deadlines for the first time on a matter? coming soon.

How do you re-calculate a trigger date so that all the dependent deadlines move?  coming soon.

How do you calculate deadline for triggers like "Date Discovery Served" so you can track multiple instances? coming soon.

What kinds of deadline reports can I get?  SMOKEBALL has powerful reporting capabilities.

What sets LawToolBox deadlines apart?  Rules-based deadlines is not just about entering a trigger date and calculating a deadline, its about using a system that has redundant reminders built-in, and can accommodate scheduling orders, stipulations, miscellaneous deadlines and appointments, rolling off weekends, taking different court holidays into account when counting backwards or forwards, taking method of service into account to add extra days, linking to applicable authorities, report codes and hashtags enable robust reporting, and of course whether the system makes you eligible for discounts on your malpractice premiums.

Combine the power of SMOKEBALL legal practice management software with the LawToolBox court rule and deadline management system and ensure you never miss a deadline!

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