LawToolBox Adds “Easy Button” for Custom Breakout Rooms and File Sharing in Microsoft Teams for Virtual Court and Depositions

Courts, legal departments and law firms can create roles-based templates for court hearings, arbitrations, depositions, Rule 26(f) meetings, client Intake, and more When the Coronavirus hit, we shifted resources to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to help attorneys, legal aid, court reporters and courts get back to work” – LawToolBox DENVER (PRWEB) AUGUST 03, 2020 LawToolBox announces an “easy button” in Outlook and Microsoft Teams enabling LawToolBox users to create their own custom templates to quickly construct virtual meetings for any business activity they routinely perform. For example, with a few clicks legal professionals can send out customized meeting invites for client intake, working sessions with clients and witnesses, Rule 26(f) meetings to confer with opposing counsel, depositions, arbitrations, ADR or settlement conferences, court hearings, and even trials. Configure Meeting Templates Courts, court reporters, mediators, agencies and law firms are not just looking for a short-term patch for video meetings, but they are looking for a way to leverage Microsoft Teams because many of them already own it, and they trust the hardened Microsoft security platform to protect their data. The “virtual meeting module” that LawToolBox has added to its suite of products transforms Teams into a customized solution for legal by empowering users to create meeting templates, to assign roles to attendees so that the attendee list for breakout rooms can be automatically constructed, and to automate the creation of a Teams channel to save and organize meeting transcripts, videos, communications, and files. LawToolBox users assign “roles” to meeting attendees in the case or matter (such as attorney, witness, party, or judge) and LawToolBox uses these roles to automatically build attendee lists with... read more

Managing Deadlines for the Modern Law Practice

Technology can strengthen the “practice of law” through many different types of legal research products, including: practice-specific forms libraries, tools to automate various processes like assembling documents and work flow, and tools to calculate deadlines based on applicable administrative or civil rules of procedure. In contrast to tools that help with the “business of law” (time tracking, billing, lead generation, customer intake, client communication) technology focused on the practice of law helps attorneys to represent their clients more efficiently and effectively. In short, technology that strengthens the “practice of law” helps litigators to win their cases, and it helps transactional attorneys to deliver the best end-result for their clients.  LawToolBox has been singularly focused on building and maintaining the most powerful “rules-based deadline management system” to ever exist. Our experts review rules of procedure and build the first version of a deadline calculator, the legal content team moves the product to production for use by clients, and then our deadlines become even better because it incorporates the feedback of our client base which includes the best legal minds in the world. We monitor court websites for rule changes and our legal team reviews any alerts every morning to determine if modifications need to be made to any ruleset. This process aggregates the mind-share of our the courts system and our client base and is part of an organic and ongoing process to constantly improve our library of deadline rulesets. To calculate deadlines a end-user sets up a matter in LawToolBox and selects an applicable rule-set like “Los Angeles Superior Court”, and then the end-user selects a trigger from a... read more

LawToolBox One of The First Offerings In Microsoft Transactable SaaS Marketplace

Microsoft Inspire – Presented By Microsoft 365 Ecosystem Marketing -Mike Ammerlaan Partners Learn More    |    Customers Learn More   |   Microsoft Inside Sales Learn MoreWithin the legal market, the LawToolBox focus on reducing the risk of missing a deadline differentiates it from other legal products.  The LawToolBox solution allows its customers to easily and methodically manage litigation, compliance and general legal deadlines with confidence – creating a cross-platform experience between Outlook, Teams and SharePoint or other document management products in Office 365.  See, Convert Outlook & Teams to Office for Legal (3 min).  In short, LawToolBox transforms Office 365 into Office for Legal.The award-winning LawToolBox deadline and matter-management solution is available for purchase in three ways:  (1) by 75k distributors and Microsoft Partners through the Microsoft Partner Center CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) portal who can bundle in their own managed services and offers, (2) by 20k inside Microsoft field sales people through the internal Microsoft Quote Center, and (3) direct from Microsoft by law firms and legal departments on AppSource.  See Press Release. How you purchase LawToolBox in the new Microsoft commercial marketplace depends on who you are: Scenario 1:  Law firms can get LawToolBox through their IT Person via their distributor or Microsoft’s Partner Center portal This month LawToolBox and Microsoft announced that any distributor or MSP (Microsoft Partner “Managed Service Provider”) can discover, purchase and manage LawToolBox licenses for their law firm and legal department customers inside their existing Microsoft Partner Center portal in the same place and on the same invoice they manage their client’s Office 365 licenses.For solutions like LawToolBox, Microsoft will “pay the channel a 10 percent incentive to sell marketplace publisher solutions with a... read more

Celebrating International Women’s Day in Azure Marketplace

March 8, 2020, is International Women’s Day. This day means different things for different people and acknowledging this day is different for everyone. In some countries, today is a public holiday. In other countries, it’s a day of protest. For me, it’s a reminder to reflect on the women who have blazed a trail before me and have made steps I take every day easier (voting, working, driving, access to education). In particular, I reflect on the women who’ve shaped the industry I work in – women like Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Betty Holberton, and Hedy Lamarr. I’m proud to work for a company that champions diversity in its employees – not just in gender, but in our nationalities, our backgrounds, our workstyles and thinking and so many other dimensions. This mindset trickles down into every group and team. Here in the commercial marketplace team we strive to create the best marketplace for users to find, try, buy, and deploy cloud solutions and services. We want users to be able to explore not just the top solutions in each category but to be able to see range and diversity in their selection. We have some great solutions in our commercial marketplace from female founded/female lead companies. Here are just a few you can find showcased this month: We’ve included these solutions as part of a broader campaign at the company that showcases how Microsoft contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We’re calling this campaign #BuildFor2030. Sustainable Development Goal #5 is gender equality so International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to showcase ways Microsoft is leaning in to gender equality not... read more


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