Web App Release Notes

2019-10-24: updated support tools to permit LawToolBox to share hidden defaults to any firm; updated rule-set building tools to share rule-set to all 50 states with single click; updated support tools so LawToolBox or rule-set builder can share private rule-sets to any firm with a single click.

2019-10-17: Upgraded calendar picking and validation code to deliver better UX.

2019-10-10: modified login code so that users in API partners using LawToolBox can login to webapp to set hidden defaults and append rule-set notes to any deadline (requires user be designated as LTB expert)

2019-10-08: printer friendly filter for deadline map allows LTB support to work with customers and experts reviewing rule-sets.

2019-10-03: upgraded code that catches webapp users who have exceeded their free trial calculation limit but have not yet converted to paying.

2019-10–03: updated code that permits LTB support to transfer case from one toolbox to another user outside firm (only use when law firm is closing and winding down).

2019-10-02: upgraded code so that any user with access to firm admin user can designated any user in their firm as expert or admin

2019-09-30: updated manage channel page so that LTB support could view more info on channel including default vertical, default paytype, Microsoft default group settings, and whether the channel can login to the webapp.

2019-09-28: reworked new firm sign up flow to reflect the default vertical, default paytype, and Microsoft default group settings, and whether the channel can login to the webapp. In addition, we audited quick signup and app signup flows, and upgraded css for better UI.

2019-09-18: optimized new firm signup page for mobile phone

2019-09-17: upgraded code to set hidden defaults so it would work in both plaintiff and defendant scenarios, instead of setting defaults for those scenarios separately.

2019-09-13: updated hover over messages around website, including for links on deadline chart for better UX.

2019-09-10: Added new function so that and user designated in webapp as expert or admin can append notes to a deadline that apply across every matter set up in that rule-set for that firm (e.g., deadline chart, downloadable rtf, SP, XML, API, eTickle, calendar service).

2019-09-05: audited every miscellaneous and time-bound appointment to check to make sure properly configured.

2019-08-21: upgraded signup code so new user is auto designated as an admin.

2019-08-02: incorporated verticals into rule-sets, admin tools, and firm settings (so firm can be set to legal, construction, healthcare, no verticals, etc).

2019-08-01: re-formatted internal admin tool w floating menu for quick support.

2019-07-30: upgrade code so when user leaves firm they can take copy of any case with them and original case is transferred to firm admin user.

2019-07-26: added switch in internal admin portal o that support can disable “add to calendar” switch to hide ability for firm to share deadlines externally.

2019-07-25: upgraded new firm sign up code so that even if user typed wrong captcha the channel would not be lost (before fix new firms that entered bad captcha would be signed up through webapp without auto assignment to channel). Also, if user who created channel had vertical selected that now carries through to all users signed up under that channel.

2019-07-19: upgraded toolset list to reflect assignment of applicable vertical to firm (e.g., legal, construction, healthcare, no verticals, etc). Incorporated applicable vertical into title of set 1 of new matter set up.

2019-07-10: incorporated tool to track numbers of calculations a firm does in webapp, SP, api, xml. New feature to set number of permissible free trial transactions. Catch users who login to webapp who have not paying or free trial paytype, and whose number of actual deadline transactions exceeds the permitted threshhold.

2019-07-08: display a firms experts and admins on webpps default user dashboard.

2019 June: upgraded connections from webapp signups to salesforce CRM, and incorporated code to code deadline transactions.

2019 May: upgraded tpggles in webapp, api and xml so that users can toggle between 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 months for patent tool.

2019 Q1 & Q2: upgraded menus throughout webapp to use type ahead and searchable data-tables.

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