1. Go into Outlook and click "File" in top left hand corner


2.  Click "Manage Rules & Alerts"

manage rules

3. Click "New Rule"


4.   Select "Move messages from someone to a folder" click "Next"


5.  Under 'Step 1' Make sure box is checked for "from people or public group".  Under 'Step 2' click on "people or public group" and add "noreply@lawtoolbox.com" then click "Next"

Make sure the following two boxes are checked under 'Step 1'; "stop processing more rules" and "move it to the specified folder".  Then under 'Step 2' click on "specified" > click on "New" > Name the new folder "ToolBox Deadlines" > click "OK"


6. Click "Next" & click "Finish"


7.  Create a second rule by clicking "New Rule" again


8.  Highlight "Apply rule on messages I received" and click "Next"


9. Under 'Step 1:' check box "with specific words in the body".  Under 'Step 2:' click on "specific words" and add "[ToolBox Calendar]" and "[Cancelled]" including beginning and end brackets.  Click "OK" and "Next".


10.  Under 'Step 1:' check box to "move it to the specific folder", under 'Step 2:' click on "specified" and click "new" to create new folder.  Name the folder "ToolBox Actions" > click "OK" > click "Next"


11.  Make sure rule matches below and click "Finish"


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