Instant Sync Instructions

Users can instantly “add” only the deadlines attorneys need,  automatically “update” deadlines based on rule changes and court orders, and “remove” deadlines as users get re-assigned and cases resolve.  LawToolBox deadlines update across all major calendaring platforms including Office 365, Outlook (all versions), Google, iCal, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Matter Center, Microsoft SharePoint, Clio, Needles, LexisNexis Time Matters and more!

Step 1: (optional) Create a new rule in your inbox to move invites to a designated folder by clicking here.

Step 2 : Log into LawToolBox and go into the case you would like to import

Step 3: At the top of the Deadline Chart change the view
From:   1
 To:         (*the only time you need to change from “modified” to “all” is when you are adding a new user to a case and want to all all deadlines to that user)

and click “Switch”.

Step 4: Now either select the email address from the pull down list, or add additional email addresses by hand for whom you want the deadlines to import to.  Choose to either add to “Outlook”, “Google or iCal” or “Lotus Notes”, and then choose the recipients time zone.

Step 5: All future deadlines will automatically get selected.  Uncheck any deadlines you do not want going onto your calendar, and click “Add”.


  • Do I need to accept each invite? No, they will be added to your calendar without having to accept each one.
  • If my trial date changes, do I need to go & delete all the old deadlines off the calendar first before I re-import the new ones? No, the software will automatically remove them from the old date & move them to the new date once you have re-imported. When an individual deadline needs to be modified, select the deadline to be edited, choose “remove” and then edit the deadline and click “update”.
  • Do I need to import the deadlines from all the cases? Or will it do it automatically? It will not import automatically.  You will need to go into each case & import the deadlines case by case.
  • Can I send a couple of deadlines to my clients or co-counsels calendars? Absolutely! The deadlines will go to the email address you enter in; be it yourself, your client or your co-counsel.
  • Does this service cost money? Nope, it is free!
  • I added a new deadline today.  Do I need to reimport? Yes, you need to reimport the deadlines every time you change something to ensure it updates on your calendar.

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