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LawToolBox Court Deadlines for Outlook 2003+, Google, iCal, Office 365 & More

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LawToolBox is a cloud-based centralized deadline management system for attorneys and paralegals that (i) calculates court rule-based deadlines, (ii) emails weekly deadline reports by paralegal, attorney, client, department or firm and (iii) sends email reminders for each deadline (for Macs and PCs).  When rules change law firms don’t need to wait for a software update, or delete and re-import deadlines; instead LawToolBox deadlines are automatically updated real-time, online and to their calendars. You can also overlay our rule-based deadlines with your own rule-based deadlines for your firm, practice or clients (for example, add deadlines for a favorite judges' scheduling order, insurance adjuster or deadlines for specific practices like construction defect, medical malpractice, personal injury, etc.). Further, you can automatically omit deadlines that don't apply. The  "history of changes" feature allows you to see who made what changes, and when, to your case deadlines!


Court Deadlines & Build-Your-Own Templates

Calendar Sync:                         Microsoft  Outlook 2003+, Office 365, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes
Case Management:                  
LexisNexis Time Matters and Firm Manager, Clio

  • selectively add dates & appearances to internal/external calendars
  • use our out-of-the-box deadline management reports or customize for individual firm practice areas
  • tracks history of changes (who edited what deadline and when)
  • hides one or many deadlines that don’t apply in a single click, our set auto-hide defaults to apply to all cases
  • allows users to select the applicable “method of service” so that only relevant deadlines appear
  • marks multiple deadlines as “done” when tasks are completed
  • allows users to easily edit deadlines to reflect orders
  • permits users to overlay rule-based deadlines with their own custom deadline templates
  • create custom deadline templates for your firms internal deadlines and/or transactional practice areas.

“Together, Microsoft Office 365 and LawToolBox Court Deadlines enhance collaboration, automate litigation workflow, and increase productivity of legal professionals.” 
      -  Nishan DeSilva, senior director within Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs group