Step 1: Choose a Rule-Set

LawToolBox Rule-Sets

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Use them as they are or customize them for your practice area.

Request a Rule-Set

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Send us the internal checklist or Excel spreadsheet and we’ll upload your transactional, administrative or regulatory deadline checklist

Build Your Own

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Enter a trigger date along with corresponding deadlines & reminders to systemize and centralize deadlines for a group

Enter Dates Ad Hoc

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Some matters don’t follow any predictable flow for determining dates.  Use our generic calculator.


Step 2:  Enter All Applicable Dates


Trigger Dates

Enter a trigger dates to auto calculate deadlines based on the
rules of procedure for state and federal courts in 50 states

Overlay Your Own

Automate internal deadlines, client reporting deadlines
(e.g. for insurance companies), save a judges order.
Enter a trigger date and corresponding deadlines &
reminders once online to systemize and centralize deadlines

Court Ordered Dates

Not all dates can be calculated.  Use pre-defined
templates to fill in case management and pretrial
order deadlines.
court ordered dates






Case Specific Dates

Enter ad hoc dates based on orders, agreements
between parties.  Enter appointments (e.g., appearances, depo’s etc)
so that case reports identify a complete picture of deadline,
events and appearances
case specific dates

Step 3:  Get Your Deadlines Anyway You Want Them!

Deadline Chart

Edit to reflect orders, add case specific dates,
hide one or many deadlines (single click)
deadline chart

Sync to Calendar

Outlook 2010+, Office 365, Google, Lotus Notes, iCal,
SharePoint, Microsoft Matter Center, Clio, LexisNexis
Firm Manager, Time Matters
Share select deadlines externally to their client’s
Google calendar, a witnesses Outlook calendar, an
expert’s iCal calendar, or an insurance adjuster’s
Lotus Notes calendar

Weekly Reports

By firm, group, client, attorney, case
friday report

Email Reminders

with links to authority and practice tips
email reminder

Canned & Custom Reports

Use our canned reports to create your own custom
report for an insurance client, a discovery paralegal
or a construction litigation partner.

Generate by firm, group, client, attorney, case
milestone report

History of Changes

History links make LawToolBox deadlines transparent
so you can track who changed what deadline & when
who changed